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And It Had Only Just Begun . . .

Well, Talk was a resounding success – sold 22 books as well!

Got a Taxi to Victoria which took almost as long as the train journey itself! Loads of cheap sandwiches for people (but good one’s mostly made with wholemeal bread) although I didn’t have to pay for any being the guest Speaker! Same applied to the wine, although fruit juice was available as well.

Can’t repeat the whole Talk here – except I was right about the dreaded ‘sex word’ filling a lot of the questions afterwards. (Wasn’t like my Talk/interview with Jane but then she wouldn’t have allowed it).

One very attractive girl asked near the beginning if it wasn’t just all an excuse (the ‘occult’) to get ladies to ‘take their clothes off’! I just said that I didn’t need any excuse in those days as most ladies would do this voluntarily! She wouldn’t give up and asked if it wasn’t just an excuse then to ‘get sex’! With this I got serious. I explained that sex was only secondary, and in any event formed no part of real love. That if you really loved somebody sex paled into insignificance; at least, it certainly wasn’t of prime importance. Meaning you could have real love with or without sex; but you could have sex without any love in it; although this mostly resulted in being just lust. (Which was the case a lot of the time).

Somebody asked if I ‘loved’ any of the women portrayed in photographs in my book. I said ‘no’; but that had I really loved any of them, I would have never used the photographs. And it had only just begun!

Then somebody asked how sex ‘fitted into’ the occult. I said that generally it didn’t but in my book I was talking about ‘sex magic’ which was entirely different.
“Can you go into that?”, another guy asked. “No”, I replied. There was not enough time and, in any event, it was all explained in my book! “You’ll just have to read it if you are really interested in that”.
And so on! . . .

Anyway, it all went OK and I met a lot of new people. But I was surprised just how many people had already heard about me. But I suppose you’ve got the Internet to thank for that! So, I’ll keep this fairly short at the moment. Its only been a few hours, but I feel as if its been days! Apart from which I’ve still got to answer that ‘bonky accusation’ made by the ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ as I said I would this afternoon. And it won’t be to give any Yorkshire cooking recipes!

Till tomorrow,


3 responses

  1. – “I was right about the dreaded ‘sex word’ filling a lot of the questions afterwards.”
    This will be something to discuss at your weekly marketing strategy meeting.

  2. The way people always go on about dickipoggy is pathetic–that sort of dickipoggy, what one track minds! You should have told them David “Nae dickipoggy questions will be answered !” Maybe they wouldnt have had any other proper questions to ask if they couldnt go down that road! Congrats on the sales though, that is quite good for a talk. How many were there in the audience?
    tata barbara

    1. Yes I don’t usually sell that many all at once.
      I really don’t know how many were in the audience. It was filmed and there was quite a strong light on me. I was told there were over 150 people. Can’t say precisely but most of the seats appeared to be full.

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