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A Serious Interjection

Some of you may be aware of some recent internet nastiness regarding two women from the Yorkshire area and their given associates who have been stalking and harassing my wife Della online.

It is an unpleasant subject, which says much about the morals and state of mind of the people involved. This harassment – which is entirely unprovoked – has got so bad recently that unfortunately we have had to involve the Police, resulting in some particularly persistent perpetrators having their known IP addresses blocked and monitored by them along with all other readers of Della’s Blog. For legal reasons I cannot, and do not wish to discuss the identities of the originators of some of this malicious behaviour (although they are fully aware of who they are).

These people have, according to a phone call we received from the Police today, attempted to access my wife’s blog no less than 30 times between them in a 24 hour period. They have between them managed to post approximately 150 entries and emails on the internet about her in this time. And none of them have ever even met her. I think this sums up the situation pretty well to anyone rational. And yet continually they scream disgust and outrage at any attempt by outside parties to calm things down and suggest that they are on any level bullying her or have an unhealthy interest in her. Their justification for this behaviour appears to be that I have ‘dared’ to mention my wife’s existence online, and the fact that she chooses to not publish photos of herself in order to avoid the negative attentions of internet stalkers towards herself and her dependents. The fact that they refuse to self-identify as such stalkers beggars belief when they post on whatever forums they can create or find on an hourly basis.

I know my name does tend to have an effect on some people, through the medium of my books and television appearances, and sometimes this effect is undesirable and beyond my control. But when it extends to crazed people stalking my wife I am sorry, but Police involvement is the only sensible way forwards.  There is no earthly reason for these people to assume she has any obligation to them, to give them her photograph, the time of day, or anything else whatsoever. And no one normal would expect this from a stranger on the internet anyway.

I’m obviously not going to go into all the details here, but to give readers the main gist of just two of these people’s ravings it seems as though a couple of ’unmerry maidens’, up there in the desolate green belt of the Dales, are running a one-sided soap opera featuring myself and my wife Della.  I don’t know exactly what brought this on, but their script seems to involve some outrageous plot, including accusations that I am . . . not married to Della or if I am (trying to cut it both ways here) that this is somehow ‘immoral’ as I am much older than her and only ‘interested in her money’!  If this is not enough, they go on to assume that we must be involved in some sort of ‘benefit fraud’ (exactly how is not specified) as Della is ‘loaded’ and I am ‘only on benefits’ to which I would not be otherwise entitled.  (For the record, I am not on benefits, and have not been for some years when a fairly serious back injury necessitated some limited assistance from the hospital to help me cope with this injury).

They then go on to declare that we are both ‘living in squalor’ (in a dingy bed sit, to be precise) and that I force her to do all the cleaning; rather in the vein of some ‘Stepford wife’ who has come under the potent influence of some witchcraft spell!  How it remains so dirty and dingy when Della is apparently cleaning from dawn til dusk is unclear. But there is more:  I am apparently despicable, diabolical, disgusting, malicious and ‘depraved’, and, in the past, have ‘sacrificed cats’ and conducted ‘nude orgies’!  And if all this is not enough, they have declared that I am ‘an alcoholic’ and drink copious amounts of wine and whiskey accompanied by numerous cans of beer – presumably as ‘chasers’ to the first two! Every night! How i find time to allegedly ‘beat t’ wife’ is a mystery.

The extent of all this rhetoric is going on, on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.  On a tiny forum which is otherwise supposed to be concerned with the true legend of Robin Hood.  But Della and myself have apparently become its main stars – or ‘anti-heroes’ as they are at such pains to put across.

Well, words have really begun to fail us.  What can you say in fact to people who seem to have developed some unhealthy obsession with your lives?  And who seem to think it is their God-given right to sit in judgement on someone they have never met – and who never had a bad word to say about them until they began this malicious campaign against her. It is clearly engineered as an attempt to hurt me – but why they seek to hurt an innocent party into the bargain is a matter for their consciences. Perhaps they unburden themselves of any guilt once a week at confession and then go straight online to start it up again. Who knows? This seems to be the pattern. There is really nothing left to say; except that it is an ironical and unholy state of affairs when they seem to be judging ourselves by some peculiar self-adopted brand of ‘Christianity’.

It is not Christian, of course.  But that is really their own particular problem.  Though I doubt very much whether the Founder of the Christian Church Himself would condone such a peculiar brand of Christianity!

As a matter of interest, Della herself is a Roman Catholic.  But luckily she does strive to abide by the principles laid down by her Church. So her conscience remains clear from the tainted doctrines of a few people who have tried to re-write the words of that great Christian Founder.
Well, that’s really enough for today everyone.  Still have a couple of things to take care of in the light of the new film.  I hope you enjoyed that anyway.  New development on the new Robin Hood film today from the USA. Looks very promising. But more news on that tomorrow. For the moment everyone,


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