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Pleased to say that the final filmed session of The Highgate Vampire Symposium 2015 has now been fully edited and will be posted here in the next couple of days. Yes . . . at last!

It has taken long enough to serialise all the sessions, but then other events occurred in the interim which needed attention which made the delay of its full release unavoidable. I will not go into all these except to say that these events took ultimate priority and had to be dealt with, which they now have been. I will not bore you all again by explaining all the difficulties except perhaps to remind people that arranging the event itself took some five and a half months prior to last July, and this in itself was a formidable task regarding all the prior necessities of arranging times, dates and availability of camera crews, the Speakers themselves and a host of other things necessary to make the whole thing run to the schedule. And then of course, there was the task of editing all the film coverage which arose out of this mammoth 8-hour day, which has now been done, so no need to go on about all of that really.

But the coverage has now all been fully edited and will be published in the next couple of days. Thanks again her to John Fraser, author and committee member of the SPR; Gareth Davies, American broadcaster and founder of Mind Set Central; Andy Mercer, co- host of KTPF (“Keeping the Paranormal Friendly), and witnesses of the Highgate case who agreed to appear in the film.

So, as they say, just WATCH THIS SPACE! It could be sooner than you think!

In other news, I understand a televised interview I gave on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case is to be released in March. This is an independent film and copyright of the Television company and not to do with the Symposium mentioned above. But I will keep you all informed about that as well, as a separate issue.

In other issues: well these go on as usual. Della is here but fast asleep now curled up on the bed. And we had a good dinner earlier. I am going to have to disturb her in a minute or I will end up sleeping on the floor! But she looks so restful, that I don’t really want to risk waking her up! Better not risk it on second thoughts. Might snatch a couple of hours in my favourite arm-chair and give her a ‘kiss goodnight’ instead!

David (Farrant).


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