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So what’s news? THIS IS . . .

NET CURTAINS LURKERS, the Blog originally set up to deal with the Highgate ‘vampire’ case and all its surrounding intrigue (some would argue ‘nonsense’!) has now moved – or in the process of moving – to a new site, which can be found HERE . . .
[I don’t seem able to get link into blue Craig. Can you help? Thanks. D]
[Link fixed – Craig]

As many of you all know that Cat is still ‘at it’ on his own new Blog, and it perhaps goes without saying that he is not being ‘over-complimentary’ about myself. To be fair, I will also put up a link to his Blog here next time I post. I’d do it now but don’t know how to copy two links together! So you can wait a little you flea-bitten moggy!

Talking of Blogs, I see that that Hungarian fake ‘Ariminous” (I say ‘fake’ because the real Ariminous Vambery died last century!) is still ‘cut and ‘pasting’ his asinine comments on the Nocturnal Frequency Radio page even though Steve keeps deleting them. Its hard to imagine such mentality really. A parrot would have more idea of what its saying!

What else is news? Well nothing today really. Probably because it’s a Sunday, and nothing really happens on a Sunday. Except this, I suppose!

For the moment
David (Farrant)


23 Responses

  1. a pc?
    a computer?
    no mate, she didnt send me one!
    i think its brilliant that LS has nicled thehighgatevampire domain.
    in fairness we did talk about getting it ages ago but decided it would be best to stick with instead.
    anyway, good luck to LS and long may the good ship sail.

    1. All she said in my ‘post card’ was she’ll be home in a week. So hopefully be seeing her next weekend. She did say though she’s got a present for me, so hopefully its a bottle of duty-free whisky! And ‘no’, you’re not having any. You can stick to your cans of (‘lout’s’) lagers!
      Thanks for fixing the link.

  2. i’m picking her up from the airport actually so if there is any booze t’ll be gone long before it reaches u.
    i’ll let u have the bottle though.

    1. I just KNEW you’d had a post card, you gave it away by diverting to ‘computers’!
      Just leave my whisky ALONE, or whatever it is!
      Missed her actually. Her ‘commanding voice’ actually makes me feel restful sometimes!

  3. LOL, did you see the photo on the ‘Net Knickers Lurkers’ blog with Bonky dressed as a psychic? (No – it was not myself who did it!) I think Bonky ought to loosen up and laugh a bit, altho I know he’ll try to have it taken down.

    1. Well it wasn’t me, or Craig either (he phoned me earlier) Doubt that it was Don, so really don’t know who it could have been! He could hardly claim copyright of his ‘ugly mug’ with no background to support it – could he. But knowing him, he’d probably try!
      No. Definitely’not guilty’! But it is none-the-less very funny! Very similar of how he used to dress!

  4. He’ll have a hard time proving he has the copyright to an image of Miss Cleo with her face retouched and and a generic tea cozy hat popped on her head.
    Of course it seems Bonky has vanished as: 1) his IP is now traceable and the host knows he’s a troll; 2: He blew his “exclusive copyright” when he uploaded his pictures to Facebook.

  5. Hi Lone Stranger,
    “He’ll have a hard time proving he has the copyright to an image of Miss Cleo with her face retouched and and a generic tea cozy hat popped on her head. ”
    He’ll probably try though. Stupid old bloater.

  6. Well I had to delete my first “reader comment” from my blog today. It contained a link to an actual photo of the real “Bonky” dressed as a Rocky Horror character. I deleted it to prevent any “bonky” claims of copyright infringement. Oh dear me. I’m becoming too much like the ‘comment-moderating’ David!
    For the moment,
    John Baldry’s Cat

    1. I’ll do a link to your site in my next main Blog, Cat, or rather I’ll copy it then gat Craig to make it ‘linkable’.
      Doesn’t say much for my computer skills I know, think I’ll just stick to books!

  7. I wonder if you might describe your very first “face to face” meeting with Bonky; how contact was made, the meeting location, topics discussed, and your impressions of him at the time (before any of the current unpleasantnesss evolved). I am more interested in personal recollections and atmospheric details than “politics”. A separate blog post on the subject would be nice. Thank you.
    A Curious Cat

    1. FOR CAT
      I have a meeting here this evening so it’ll have to be after 10. But I can do that, no problem. I don’t really want to ‘slip’ into discussing other people here but I can certainly describe the basic circumstances.
      I’ll put that link up to your new Blog at the same time.
      So until later

      1. I’ll have to answer your question ‘How I first met the ‘bonky one’? tomorrow Cat. Had an important film meeting tonight and I really am a little shattered. I’m going to try and ‘snatch’ a couple of hours. If I wake up in the early hours (which knowing me is likely!), I’ll do it then. If not, I’ll do it tomorrow.
        I never want it to be said that ‘us witches’ evade questions. Even your’s!

  8. I do understand, and feel free to post on the other blogs should you wish to keep this one unpolluted. However I do expect details: clothing, dialogue, etc. They are renovating the cloud pillows here in Cat Heaven so I may not acknowledge your most generous response for a couple of earthly rotations.

    1. Thanks Cat. 1.40 am now in the UK. Actually got a couple of hour’s sleep – now I don’t feel so tired.
      I will answer your post here tomorrow but – if I suspect it might lead to further questions! – I will answer your posts on one or two of the other Blogs.
      But I will explain how I first met the ‘bonky one’ tomprrow.
      Bit boring really. But I shall answer!
      PS quite amazing you’re still in Heaven really. I’d have thought by now you’d have been cast down to the ‘Bottomless Pitt’! D

  9. I wish that Cat would answer this question: Do you think Bonky was visited by Michael Jackson when he departed this veil of tears, like Princess Diana did?
    Of course it was rumored in the tabloids that Jacko was a vampire – you know he was awful pale for a brotha.

    1. Thanks Flossie,
      If Michael Jackson was really a ‘vampire’, the last person on this earth he would ‘visit’ would be ‘Bonky’!
      Just a thought!

  10. ha ha, never thought of that. Na. Bonky won’t want to turn Michael Jackson into a vampire, after all he couldn’t pull that stunt twice. Someone over hear did a Princess Di spoof on Bonky’s, he said she visited him while he was in the loo and she miraculously cured of him of his runs! I can’t see Michael Jackson floating over a lake in a flimsy nightie–or the Queen Mum when she kicked the bucket, he didn’t get a visitation from her in her nightie did he—- Princess Di was Bonky’s best bet but it misfired and made him look a soppy schoolboy fantasist. As well as the excrutiating poem, –ah Diana thou perfect English rose blah blah, thy healing hands, blah blah—-that he published in Kev Carlyans–yes Kev the Witch’s–magazine next to David’s ley lines.
    I always thought Bonky wanted to turn Princess Di into a real vampire story but had second thoughts, and realised he could not pretend to have visited her on the lake at Althorp—-old Earliworly would have soon seen him off—-so he abandoned that nice juicy opportunitity.
    Hmm, the Althorp Vampire? Sounds good! The Neverlands Vampire nah! He could have gone for Jade Goody if he was really desperate, at a pinch I suppose!

    1. Think he’s given up on his ‘Princess Di stories now , Barbara ; but who know’s he might still have Michael Jackson’s ghost in mind. Anything’s possible with him!!
      He’d even chase after ‘Yorkshire Puddings’ if it suited his immediate needs!
      Speak later,

  11. OK, back to the subject of this post, i.e. “The First Time I Saw Bonky”.
    Bumping into him at the Saloon is all well and good, but when was your first “alone” meeting with him? Where was it, how did it happen, and what did you talk about?
    It’s hard for this Cat to believe it was “distrust at first sight” since you went on to take part in all manner of adventures with him, from dueling photos to exchanging letters from jail.
    We’ll probably never know what REALLY went on between you two, but couldn’t you open up about that time period a little bit? After all, he’d done nothing but talk….yet.

    1. Fair question, Cat. I was just a little confused by your words . . . “the very first meeting”.
      I met him after that in Zibby and Tony’s flat in Highgate (not far from my own) and he came armed with a note-book. That was really quite funny (but nevertheless true!), but I will have to tell you about that next time. I’m still trying to work on another manuscript now.
      This much for now though: I met him there because he was really a friend of Tony’s – not mine. Fior that reason alone, I did not invite him to my own home (apart from which, Mary just couldn’t stand the sight of him!)
      More later,

      1. Bonkier and Bonkier!
        You asked how I first actually spoke to that bonky character, Cat (that is outside the pub in Highgate where we’d actually met).
        I believe it was in early 1969, and his visit had been pre-arranged by Tony and his wife Zibby at their Highgate flat.
        He turned up with a large note-book saying he was writing a book about ‘ghostly reports’ in Highgate and, in particular, my experiences of the same in and around Highgate Cemetery (which had already been reported in the local Press).
        I don’t recall exactly how he was dressed, but I do remember, at the on-set, he told me he had the status of a Lord (which went back into family history) which gave him the right to sit in The House of Lords if he so wished. He said he had had no wish to do so as he felt he could have more influence ‘behind the scenes’.
        He said his research into vampires had led him to believe that such things really existed in their literal sense. He said that the ‘ghost’ I had been reported as witnessing at Highgate Cemetery might indeed be such one ‘real’ vampire!
        He asked me several questions about myself and the Society, but I told him very little – if anything – as I instinctively did not trust his motivations.
        That was basically it really: although I remember Zibby ‘congratulating’ me after he had left for not giving him any genuine information. “He would only use it at a later date completely out of context”, she said.
        How right she proved to be about other matters of a similar nature!
        Not long after that, I remember we were all invited to this person’s Holloway Road flat. It was here that I first met his common law wife and was shown a home-made cine film he had made on ‘vampires’.
        It had no sound, but he was very proud of this effort. I suspect though this was only a ‘ploy’ (although the film was real enough) to get my confidence.
        It didn’t work, even at that early stage!
        For the moment then,

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