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That’s All I Really Have To Say . . .

Here we go again . . . but not on here!!

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again:  This Blog is not intended to be about  ridiculous fanciful ‘vampires’; although I have said it is OK to discuss ‘ghost cases’ here and the paranormal here if anybody wants to.  But NOT talk about bloody stupid vampires or their so-called ‘creators’!

All this started because of a book review in a large local paper about ‘vampires’ yesterday, and we have been flooded with emails (myself phone calls) from people asking questions on the subject; or more precisely, my involvement in it.  I have personally had to disallow 5 replies here since yesterday from people asking the wrong sorts of questions, and I recognizes at least 2 from well known trouble-makers!  Yes, and you know who I’m talking about you disincarnate entity!  I’m not saying they were all you, but that one almost certainly was!

OK.  I believe  in free speech, but not when this inevitably leads to a tiny element ‘jumping in’ on genuine replies or interest then trying to pretend their views are representative of general opinion.  They are not – that’s why I can’t allow it here.

But to save absolute evasion:  a hardbook has just come out which mentions the Highgate ‘vampire’ case (like so many books do) but it goes on to and comment on other people (one of whom being myself) who were involved in it from 1970 onwards.  This book was reviewed yesterday in a large North London newspaper and the reviewer was a journalist who knows much about the people concerned.

That’s all I really have to say about it.  But I will give you the author’s name so that you can go and look him up yourself.  It is Stephen Roud.

So go off and have some fun if you want.  But please do NOT bring your findings or opinions back here!

I wasn’t going to do a Blog today as I have been quite busy and am a little tired.

Anyway, that is why this Blog is shorter than usual and why I am now off to get yet more work done.  Have fun everyone,


PS  And that goes for you as well Craig!


14 Responses

  1. i wasnt trying to bring up the old case.
    like i said to u before, to me its just a good old yarn and nothing more than that.
    what made me laugh was the review and the description of mad Pat.
    BB told me who the reporter was and i might get in touch with him and ask him if hes got any other stories to tell!

  2. Sorry old Mate,
    Maybe just getting a little ‘over-reactive’ in my ‘old age’!
    I know you wern’t trying to bring up the ‘old story’. It is current news, so you’re quite entitled to ask about that. I DO trust your discretiion – I did not mean that.
    So do get in touch with the person concerned. I’m sure he would have an interesting story to tell about the ‘Wallechian Nobelman’ (sorry if that’s spelt wrong – I can never spell that word!).
    If my dear and devoted, is apparently backing you up – then ‘go for it’!!
    I, for one, would be extremely ijnterested in what he has to say!
    So, let see how things transpire. Let’s see first, as I could always contact him myself!
    So, go for it! I wasn’t suggesting you shouldn’t do that.
    Just leep me up to date though,
    For the moment,

  3. Hello David,
    i have try to contact you on your email but dont work.
    You can see there the video with your interview:

    I can send you the dvd.
    See you soon.
    Marcos Drake

  4. Thanks Marcos,
    Really don’t know what the problem was with my email. Maybe you used the old one. My fault, I should have kept in contact more then you would have the new one!
    I will contact you tomorrow, and please forgive the lack of contact on my part.
    Thanks for letting me know about the French TV documentary on UTube. Sure many other other people would like to see it now its been published from the TV on UTube.
    I am trying to ‘get away’ from my published interviews about ‘vampires’ at present, but as the rest iof the world would have already seen it by now, I guess there’s no harm in linking to a repeat!
    Yours for the moment, and speak to you tomorrow,
    For now,
    David (Farrant)

  5. hi david
    how are you? been real busy last week or so thats why youve had a break from me! will give you a ring tomorrow night for a chat to catch up if thats ok with you.looks like we got another real cold spell coming again but hopefully wont be long before we meet up again for some fun!!
    talk tomorrow

  6. Hi Speedqueen
    Yes, that’s fine. Phone tomorrow.
    I think you’re right, a cold spell is setting in; if it hasn’t already. So best to leave it until its over in a few days, then we can arrange another meeting.
    I don’t know. Sometimes this cold seems to stop you from wanting to do anything . . . even write; and I’m supposed to be a writer!
    Even ‘having fun’! But I know what you mean, of course, our long fun-loving conversations!
    But phone me tomorrow, that’s fine.
    Till then,

  7. hello david.
    how r u enjoying the snow?
    i spent hours out in it earlier all the transport was screwed and i couldnt get in to work.
    i love the snow myself.
    everyone seems to behave a little differently, almost friendlier (apart from the idiot kids that try and shove snowballs in your face!)

  8. Hi Craig,
    I’M NOT!!
    Its all I could do to get across the road today to get my cigarettes- and then I almost slipped over!
    Gareth was coming tonight but then he phoned up to cancel ’cause no buses and few tubes. Said he’d try and make tomorrow but he’s going to phone first to see what the position is. He’s a truly thoughtful guy really as he asked me if there’s anything I needed bringing in. I said as a matter of fact ‘yes’ could he bring me 40 cigarettes. Only problem was, I said, is that I didn’t have any money (being stranded from the bank today) and I’d have to give his a cheque. No problem, he said, ‘just pay me when you’ve got it.
    Well, I have got it, but the problem is getting to it!
    Apart from that, everything’s quiet.
    Anyway, I think that answers your question. I DONT like the cold or the snow. Kids are welcome to play in it (or with it) but give me warm sunshine any day.
    I’ll bet not being able to get to work really upset you. I expect you might know, but BB didn’t go in either toady.
    For the moment,

  9. Hi David,
    Hope you are okay. Could you please contact me when the book is ready with all pertinent details ie price, postage etc and I will get a cheque to you asap.
    Rob M

  10. Hi Rob,
    Of course I’ll send you a copy.
    Just give me a call to confirm your address and to say whether you want it by RD or not. Your wish is my command!
    Speak soon,

  11. hi david
    tried to ring you the other night but got no reply, but will ring again before the weekend. im hibernating until this snow goes because my thigh length boots may keep the snow of me but the 5inch heels are not made for walking in snow!! if Gareth does pop over say hi for me and hopefully we can meet up soon
    take care

  12. Hi Rob
    (Or more precisely, you ‘kilted vagabond’ – only joking, esteemed Sir!).
    Yes please phone over the weekend, and I can give you more details re. the new book.
    Freezing down here at the moment, which makes ujs ‘witches’ a little lethargic.
    I don’t know what the weather is like up there in the ‘land of the midnight sun’, but if Scotsmen really don’t wear anything under their kilts, you really have got a problem!!
    Speak to you over the weekend,
    For the moment though,

  13. Hi Speedqueen,
    Sorry, but was really not avoiding you. I am living between 3 rooms at the moment (as you should know!) and with phones in different places sometimes it makes it a little difficult to answer any.
    Sure I heard your call, but by the time I came back to the back room it had stopped ringing – only to be re-placed by another call from Gareth. He’s coming Friday (provisionally ’cause of the snow) so just please ring me again.
    Gareth was really impressed by you and wants tio be here next time you come over. We will all meet again soon, I know, but lets just get this freezing weather out of the way first
    Then Spring, and then Summer! Who knows what can happen in the warmer weather??!!
    For the moment,

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