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Just can’t seem to look

Actually a quiet day for a change, but it won’t be tomorrow. More filming. Hopefully then that will be it for the time being.

Guess what! Yes. They’re at it again on Randi! Seems a few people there just result to insults when they’ve got nothing constructive to say. They’re not all like that, of course, but you always get the odd one or two claiming their views are shared by the rest. I’ve been keeping off there mostly lately as I really have so many other things to deal with What they don’t seem be able to grasp, is that there are certain things that should not be made personal.

As an example, not far back I was talking about the existence of a Divine Principle or Intelligence which bought everything into existence – including ourselves. OK. Some people might be blatant atheists or materialists, but such a statement is not dependent upon my personal views. This Divine Principle just IS, and has nothing to do with myself whatsoever. True, I can see this, and when you do something inside yourself compels you to tell others. But all I’m doing is just pointing it out and saying ‘look’, if you really look you can realise this for yourselves. Problem is mainly, they’re only looking at myself, not what I’m pointing at. One person says (assuming that he is speaking for others), we are only laughing at your remarks and views.

What he can’t seem to realise is, that he is in effect only laughing at that Divine Principle which I was trying to make realised. He is not laughing at me, simply because it has nothing to do with me. It must be really tragic almost to live like that: in a cold world of black and white and believing in nothing. And not even taking the trouble to look.

Went to the store today, but learned she was having a day off. Yesterday though she actually told me her name, and there was a warmth between us. No. I am not printing even her first name here. Nor even her nationality. I wouldn’t even have mentioned this much, but then this is a ‘diary’ of sorts and it somehow wouldn’t be truthful to leave anything out of it. But there are some things I can say, without being entitled to say any more!

‘Till tomorrow, Though it’ll probably be Saturday now apart from any replies.


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  1. -“Yesterday though she actually told me her name, and there was a warmth between us.”
    Ha ha David, you cannot go more than 3 posts without mentioning some woman and a possible snog. Is this a case of “satire” or “satyr”? Miaow.
    PS: Cousin Hoggy on the rampage at Randi. Very entertaining!

  2. It is nothing to do with ‘lust’, you feline spectre. You are hardly one to ‘miaow’ anyway when you incresaed the cat population of Highgte on your nights out on the tiles!
    For your information, I am not a ‘lustful’ person. There is inward beauty too, which is all I’m really interested in. There is really nothing else to it. Such inward beauty is not at all physical, and closer to the surface in some people than it is in others. If I have been seeking anything all these years, it is to come into contact with such beauty once again; whatever, it is not a physical thing. Contrary to what your little cat brain might have read into what I was saying.
    I have seen ‘Cousin Hoggy’s’ latest post over on the other site. I will address that much later tomorrow there as I really cannot be bothered with that now. Its rather like answering a non-intelligent gramaphone record which after you thought had been switched off, just starts playing itself again!

  3. Dear David
    On the Randi forum you never seem hear mention of the fact that there are scientists who come to believe in something akin to the divine principle. Some of the people over on that site need to read up on their history of science, they will find quite of few examples of great scientists who held deep seated spiritual or religious convictions. I’m not sure, but perhaps the personal insults begin when they start to feel insecure.
    Regards Matt

  4. What I find amusing is that while “David” enjoys is so-called celebrity status on JREF all the real action is taking place elsewhere!
    Seems like I am making mincemeat of you old bean …..
    (Link edited. I have already told you Purple One that I do not wish to discuss the ridiculous Highgate ‘vampire’ case here – and this includes putting up direct links to it.  Put the link up on Randi, I’m sure they’ll al enjoy it!  David Farrant)
    Over to you David!

  5. thanks David.
    will you be giving any more talks in public? i have a few questions that i’d like to ask you but i’ll save it for a public talk about the topic.
    i dont mind if the talk is a distance away just as long as i know in advance.

  6. Of course, I don’t mind Craig. Its a free country and what people send in private emails to themselves is entirely their business.
    My only concern was that the ‘Purple One’ was trying to invite discussion about the ridiculous Highgate ‘vampire’ on my blog, when its not meant for that!

  7. Looks like I’ll be giving another one on psychic phenomena at the end of November. Exact week is subject for confirmation but it is in London, which is good as I don’t like travelling too far in the winter. I’ll let you know the exact venue and date a little later

  8. Okay, David, at the risk of sounding like a complete idiot here, I’ll make a guess that what you wrote means things are looking up for you? I hope so! I have to admit that since I do not know you well or know much of your history and beliefs that much of what you say will go over my head and hit the back wall. But I’m making an effort to fill in some of the gaps. : )
    I just adore what you say about beauty. Those thoughts are akin to my own.
    Of course as to JREF, I can’t help but be a little biased. I fully realize there are people there who are a pain, but there are many many good ones there too and much can be learned and discussed. As for the Divine Principle, I do not know. It is possible that it has been discussed in the Religion or the Philosophy Forums? Just a thought, if anyone is interested.
    Again, David, you are one heck of a sport. I truly don’t think I would have been able to develop the gumption to stick around there like you have. Kudos!

  9. Funnily enough, I came across the programme after my last message, and the talk is on – or part of a series in – their “Ghostly Legends” schedule. No mention of ‘vampires’, but I suppose you could asl live questions on that if you wanted!
    For now,

  10. Thank you Minarvia. That last post (above) was for Craig. I just released it without checking responses beforehand. I should have put his name on it to avoid confusion! (I really do need to get another good secretary!).
    You are certainly not sounding ‘like an idiot here’. Quite the opposite, I appreciate honest responses and points.
    I have nearly finished answering yours as best I could, and hopefully, I can post this in the next hour or so. Well, I will do! I hope people will forgive me for being so rushed for time in this past week. As I think I said, these things come to come and go in stages, and hopefully I will get a couple of ‘peaceful days’ now.
    Please let me know what you think to my answers to your questions which will be going up shortly.
    Thanks again Minarvia for your interest,

  11. Hi David,
    I feel exactly the same as you with regards to the Divine Principle: it just is, and what’s more, it exists within each and every one of us. If more people took the time and trouble to find it, maybe this world would be a much better place.
    The Randi site – whilst I enjoy reading the posts there (many of them are written by intelligent people, and some have even become friends of mine) I hardly ever contribute. This is because no matter how much one tries to ‘enlighten’ the ‘unenlightened’, the switch won’t switch on until it’s ready. As a Zen master, with whom I used to sit, once said, ‘When the pupil is ready the master will appear.’

  12. Hi Matt,
    You know, you are so right – many scientists (myself included) know that a Divine Principle exists in nature. Those scientists who ignore it are simply blinkered. Did you know that the physicist Sir Oliver Lodge, who worked closely with mediums, invented the cathode ray tube? Yes, and what’s more, it was the medium Florence Cook who was the pioneer (via Lodge.) He took a serious interest in mediumship, learned a lot about it, and realising that mediumship works rather like a ‘receiver’ invented the tube, which was eventually used in TV and radio.
    Not amny people know that, but it’s true.

  13. I think that’s just it Columbine. As long as It (Supreme Consciousness, Infinite Principle, Divine Love or God, or whatever you want to call It), remains unregognised, It is unable to operate withinn our human state of consciousness. That is all I have been trying to say for so many years; and now you have put it so simply!
    You know, some people are completely blind to It (like most of those on Randi, for example), but many others (in all different religions) only pay ‘lip service’ to It in the ugly human world without ever having it in their hearts. Ironically, many of those very same people are quick to deny this Divine Love to others, thinking only they have been ‘chosen’.
    It is all very tragic to see. As I pointed out before, God, or Divine Love or Principle cannot really be isolated from anybody if they accept Him.
    That’s all really. Its that simple!

  14. -“id you know that the physicist Sir Oliver Lodge, who worked closely with mediums, invented the cathode ray tube? ”
    Lodge invented a variation of a cathode ray tube based on others work, he didn’t invent the tube itself. Miaow.

  15. Dear Craig,
    Somebody must have made an official complaint as the thread I linked to has been removed. Sometimes the truth is too hard to stomach eh David 😉
    His Magnificent Grace.
    Lord Doctor Bishop The Purple One.

  16. Oh David, what you say about the Divine Principle is so true – some folk ‘talk a good Principle’ but hardly ever put it to work in practice. We have seen first hand, how so-called ‘religious’ people conduct themselves.

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