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It wasn’t meant to be funny!

Well, its Sunday again but I’m not going to mention religion again – at least, not at the moment.
As some people know my friend Gareth posted here on Friday. Gareth regularly comes over on Fridays and we discuss a mutual interest in the paranormal and things esoteric. He does not have access to a computer (his own anyway) but he likes to keep up to date with my main Websites and Forum boards. I let him read my blog here and he became absorbed in it. But suddenly he burst out laughing and I had to ask him what he found so funny. I turned out to be my post about the ‘lost knickers’, and I had to tell him it wasn’t intended to be funny. In fact, it wasn’t. I was just recounting what had happened, that’s all.
But it prompted him to ask all sorts of questions about Muriel . . . How was she involved in things psychic? How had I met her and when? How old was she? What did she look like? Was she just a casual girlfriend? Or was it something more? Etc. etc.
Well, he is my friend, but I didn’t tell him much, mainly because it was all in the past, and there was no need to. Apart from this, I didn’t want the affair recorded for anymore he was writing about myself. There had to be some limits on my private life (at least, that side of it) and he was no exception.
But I did show him an old photograph I had of her back from 1989. She had just come out of the shower and, perhaps appropriately, was dressed only in her knickers!
Well, he had liked my account about that.  All I did was to confirm it!


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  1. I shouldn’t wonder if you gave your flat a good cleaning you might find some other pairs of discarded knickers. Maybe even some from kicker-wearers that have since gone on to become good Christians.

  2. You tiresome cat! If you carry on, I’ll get you exorcised!
    Regarding the first part of your ‘miaowings’, I really can’t answer speculation about individuals in the recent present.
    As to Christians being ‘good’ some certainly can be, and are, good and decent people. But let’s remember, of course. ‘good’ Christians can only really be classed as such if they truly follow the teachings of Christ, the founder of the Christian Church itself.
    But – as I have pointed out many times before in questions and my writings – evil in this world invariably exists outside actual churches, and that’s where people can become tempted by it; or even indulge in it.
    On the other hand, this does not mean that people who do not attend church, are automatically ‘evil’ (I don’t!). That is an extremely unchristian and bigoted view; but luckily, one only shared by a few enlightened people.

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