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Inviting A Friend For Dinner

I know Babsie just loves lobster!

Well, interesting trip over to Whitby today to conclude a very eventful holiday in Yorkshire.  Drew has been marvelous, running us all over the place in his car, but its back to London tomorrow.  Drew will be down again (to London) in a couple of weeks and then will be staying with us for a few days.

I really love Whitby but have not been back there since 1997.  Then, I was following up reports about a reputedly haunted fisherman’s cottage in the middle of the small town; but this time we went because we were fairly close and Della really wanted to visit the quaint old town.  She wasn’t disappointed!  And she took great delight in just wandering around the cobbled streets exploring everything.  Some of the shops were a bit ‘touristy’, but by in large, the majority of buildings hadn’t changed for centuries.

Basically, it has always been a fishing village and you can but freshly caught fish off the fishermen by the jetty when the tide is right.  And I mean ‘fresh’.  In fact, the lobsters and crabs are still alive, as they have to be kept that way to be distributed for sale elsewhere.  Yet if you buy them directly off the fishermen, then everything is much cheaper as you obviously cut out the ‘middle man’.   Anyway, we stocked up with fresh fish and it should be alright until we manage to get it back and into Drew’s fridge!

Which reminds me, I really must get around to inviting my old friend ‘Babs the witch’ over to Drew’s for dinner next time we go up there.  They live very close to each other, and he says she would be welcome.  I know she likes fish (or fish and chips) and it might give her a little break from upsetting scores of people from her computer for a while.
I wouldn’t mind, but she seems to be addicted to ‘telling naughty fibs’ about people she perceives as potential ‘enemies’ all the time.  And while I might not mind all the nonsense personally, I do get concerned when this ‘overlaps’ from myself and spills onto other innocent people.

Take my friend David Hepworth as an example:  the latest raving (or one of them) is that David H has been lying in asserting that there has been no contact between us since 2007 and that I have said he knew about the film we recently made titled “Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited”.  But to her befuddled mind, this must mean that one of us is ‘lying’!  Well, I have news for you old girl . . . we are both telling the truth; the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!  (You know, as they say when documents are sworn into Court!).

David is telling the truth because I have NOT been in contact with him since 2007 and I never implied that he had any involvement in the making of the film.  All I did was to include one of his pictures of the grave in the film (as I did with three or four other people who owned different pictures) and put his name at the end in the credits as a matter of courtesy after failing to get in touch with him.  (I sent my email to the address he was using when he lived at Rose Cottage – or whatever – when he lived on the Kirklees Estate).

So to say that ‘one of us is lying’, is itself a blatant lie.  Yet the poor confused woman adamantly persists in trying to make ‘facts’ out of her own erroneous assumptions!
But quite aside from this, the film we made had absolutely nothing to do with her: she was not discussed or mentioned in it, neither was there any obligation to consult herself about the part I  personally played in the ‘Robin Hood’s Grave’ investigation.  There is no need to apologise to myself, Babsie old girl, but I really do think you owe David Hepworth an unequivocal apology.  Its not very nice to go around calling somebody a ‘liar’; in fact, its most decidedly UnChristian and dickipoggy!

Well, anyway, I hope this won’t put you off coming over for dinner when we are next up in Yorkshire!  Just think, then you could finally have a chance to meet Della.  And maybe I could even persuade her or Drew to film the occasion!

Well, I suppose I’d better finish this off now.  Long day ahead tomorrow.  Leaving around lunchtime and it’s a three and a half hour train journey.

Hope all is well with everyone.  For the moment


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