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I Dread To Think! . . .

I don’t want to go on about it, but what terrible weather this really is!  It has kept me virtually ‘stranded’ for nigh on a week.

I say ‘virtually’ because luckily I know a few kind people who have been bringing things in.  Tuesday was the only day I was really able to get anywhere – but that was only a brief respite.  Not complaining really as it gives me more time to write and I still have another book to get finished for Easter.  Then the new ‘ghost book’ has to be written (that’s quite easy really as its only really a question of putting a load of new ‘ghost’ material together; and after that I’m sort of obligated now to start on Volume 2 of the autobiography.  I’m not really looking forward to that as I have to access a load of legal material (although its all here – somewhere!) to get all the facts, dates, right etc.  Seeing that the last autobiography took some `18 months, I dread to think how long Vol 2 will take!  Still, I’ve got Gareth to help me, and Spring’s not that far off.

Gareth is coming over later, but I expect he’ll leave early before things get too slippery!  Actually, I just phoned him to ask him to bring a bottle of wine in.  But no reply.  So we’ll just have to drink his!  Got 30 minutes or so free in any event, so thought I’d write a quick Blog just to keep my numerous fans and friends happy!  But it’ll have to be a fairly short one.

No more sign of the little mouse, so maybe they can’t jump after all! There’s hardly any food in the place in any event.  Just a few eggs really, and mice don’t eat eggs . . . or do they?!?

Had a call last evening from my friend D in Yorkshire.  Really just to say he was getting a new car and hoped to be down very soon.  We can ‘catch up’ when he gets here but he told me he’s ‘made things up’ with B.  Said he’s looking forward to meet Gareth again – which reminds me, I musn’t forget to tell him.

So, in the middle of all this ice and snow, I will sign off for now.  Its nearly 6 and I have a coup[le of things to do before Gareth gets here (if he makes it!)

For the moment,



3 Responses

  1. hi david
    just a quick email to remind you to say hi and give my luv to Gareth and if this weather ever clears up well meet up! will give you a call over weekend for chat,but like you i hate this weather and have become a hermit! enjoy your night

  2. Hi Speedqueen,
    Sorry for any delay – only just got back on here.
    Saw Gareth tonight, and yes, he’d love to meet up again. Who knows, maybe next time we could include both Patsy AND her husband as well!
    I’ll arrange a date but i8n the meantime, please call,
    Yours, a little tired, but still my normal self!

  3. We should all meet up again for an anecdotal evening of fun and merriment. Are you still in touch with Dave Milner? Do give my regards to Gareth and Patsy when you next speak to them.

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