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Having Sort Out (Castle Rising)

Think it is getting marginally warmer everyone, though I still can’t go out until the ice on the pavements.

Don’t even mind if it turns to slush, long as its not slippery.  Well, I do mind actually because I’m forced to wear sandals ‘cause of my foot, so feet might get a little wet!  Anyway, worry about that later.

Here is a little piece I found having a sort out.  It was in one of my diaries but never published it.  Well it was never meant to be published as such, only being quick notes for a potential article.  I believe I ‘ve used the picture in the past, but never the text.

Just a little something to keep K happy!


Like its name suggests, perhaps, Castle Rising rises almost majestically on the lowland of Norfolk some 4 miles NE of Kings Lyn.  It is a well preserved ruin and stories of ghostly happenings have abounded there for decades.  Perhaps most common is the story of a ‘wailing spectre’ clad in white who has been seen in the grounds before promptly disappearing. Legend has it that this is the ghost of Queen Isabella, consort of Edward 11, who was said to have conspired in his murder in Berkley Castle in 1322.  Her ‘lamentable wailing’s’ have been reported even when no figure has been seen.

When a colleague and myself visited the Castle one hot summer’s day in the 1980s.   There was little to suggest anything too sinister about the place; a ‘cold gloom’ within its solid walls is probably the best way to describe it. Though outside people were licking ice cream in the hot sun; almost an eternity away from the gloom of the ruins.

Talking to a caretaker about the Castle’s history, the subject of its resident ghost invariably came up.  He, himself, had never seen or heard ‘it’,  but he stressed that many ‘strange happenings’ had been reported within the empty walls and the place gave a very different impression after it had got dark.  He doubted if we could get permission to spend a night inside.  ‘Insurance purposes’ would probably prevent this, he added somewhat quickly – almost too quickly to make us wonder if there might not be some other less obvious reason . . .

For now everyone
David Farrant


3 Responses

  1. hi David.
    just got back the other night so i’m here to pester ur blog again.
    its good that you’ve still got ur old diaries.
    it makes a nice change to read stuff u wrote so many years ago.
    is there much more of this stuff?
    more of this stuff please.

  2. Oh no, God save us all!
    I have been keeping up with your progress as K has been telling me. I though you were supposed to be actually working this time – but knowing you, you treat everything as a holiday!
    Yes, there is plenty more of this stuff; problem is, being able to locate it quickly. Some of it goes back a few years, but some is more recent. But I’ll go through some boxes and I expect I’ll find something. If people don’t mind draught notes about potential hauntings, then fine by me – it saves work! I have visited enough sites over the years, and I invariably made notes. Even got pictures . . . somewhere.
    Nice to see you back anyway, but please behave yourself here!
    For the moment

  3. Nice to be visiting your blog again, it has been months for me. Well this article that i’ve been waited for so long. I need this article to complete my assignment in the college, and it has same topic with your article. Thanks, great share

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