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Gone Crazy!

Ghosts and Ghoulies in 1972

I’ve said it before folks, but you know, my sleep patterns have really ‘gone crazy’.

I have gone to sleep after it starts getting light, then waking up when it starts getting dark.  In other words, sometimes missing most of a ‘normal day’.  Its only been happening for about the last two weeks or so, and I guess its mainly due to my working on the new book.  I can’t think of any other reason and ‘no’ I am not turning into a ‘vampire’ (sorry to disappoint anyone!).

I still get the normal 6,7 or 8 hours sleep – its just taken at the wrong time, that’s all.  It can be a nuisance in other ways though: for example missing my mail collection from the post office which is only open at ‘normal times’.  Talking of which, I got quite a surprise a couple of days ago in that respect.  Found a delivery card on the floor in the evening to say they had tried to deliver a package which was ‘too big for the letter box’.  Well, I managed to get it the next day: a huge box from America, franked Los Anglers to be precise.  It wasn’t that heavy, just bulky.  There were 12  souvenir mugs in it, all neatly packed and ‘padded’ out with T-shirts.  There was a letter on top enclosing a photograph and it was from my old friend Cecil who works from an advertising Agency in California.  But the photograph was ‘out of this world’!  It showed a picture of Cecil in bed with Cher and Madonna – at least, I presume it was meant to be Cecil, although as I have never seen him ‘in the flesh’, it was hard to be sure.  Well, whoever it was in the middle was ‘damn lucky’, that’s all I can say!  The photograph certainly looked genuine, but you never can tell nowadays with all these advertising techniques – especially from America!

The letter discussed the contents and went on to say he would be in London next Summer and could we meet up?  Well, of course Cecil.  I think its about time we had a personal meeting.  I have the current address and details now anyway so sure we can arrange something. I’d better not ask you here,  but I’d be fascinated to learn the background of the photograph.  I will be replying to very shortly so then you’ll have an email address.  Well, Hallowe’en is only two days away now, so I must say that was ‘good timing’!

Which reminds me, Hallowe’en really is only two days off now.  Do you know, I really hate it!  Its become so commercialized, just like Christmas.  You can’t even go into the supermarket without tripping over plastic pumpkin masks and witches hats; and the greengrocer around the corner is making a fortune on the real thing.  I don’t know.  People will try and sell anything nowadays, even coffee mugs with demented faces on them!

Well anyway, as the ‘dreaded Hallowe’en is nearly upon us, thought I’d leave you with a seasonal photograph to ‘mark the occasion’.  Its of myself (as usual!) and taken around some student film making from 1972.  It starred myself which is why I appear in the photograph!

So enjoy Hallowe’en anyway, even if us ‘witches’ can’t really stand it!


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  1. hi david–my sleep patterns are all dickipoggy also, ever since i worked full time nights–as a district nurse before the stupid jokes brigade start!
    I was fine with nightwork but now i am retired i seem to have lost the ability to be ‘off call!’ i wake at the slightest thing, often for no reason, and am always walking the dog around 7 am–my new rescue! he pulled me over and broke my wrist but he is getting proper dog lessons and learning good behaviour as well as being allowed to go out and meet other dogs for a social chat! i have to get him friends with the cats also–any ideas baldrick?

  2. I know what you mean Barbara. I have always slept at unusual times but these past two weeks I’ve virtually been on ‘night-work’ and I don’t want to make that a permanent habit: too much to do in the day – or can only do in the day.
    Its on his Blog, but you’ll be pleased to know that ‘you know who’ has finally been banned from Cat’s Blog. That effectively means that all his ‘anonymous’ aliases will also disappear as they are all really the same person! That will be the ‘acid test’ when you see that none of these ‘other people’ keep posting.
    I’m staying on there though, and I hope you do. Don’t want to get lonely! Apart from that, I am sure Cat would miss you!
    Speak later,

  3. Personally I didn’t mind all the biting and scratching in the comments sections of the blog, but posting anyone’s name and residential address (even the “bonky one’s”) is verboten. Mr. Anonymous refused to abide the rules, so he’s been banned.
    Put the cats bedding (but not the cats) in where the dog sleeps. It will get him accustomed to the ‘cat scent’ so when they eventually meet there will be less of a fracas.

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