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Don’t Want To Look!

Time for another Blog.  I am not even referencing the last one – got a feeling its been a few days and don’t want to look!  I mean, don’t want to be reminded – rather remind myself – of any delays!

K gets a little impatient with me sometimes on the ‘Blog scene’, but I think she’s slowly realising that I have so much else to do as well. Like getting the 2nd Volume of my new autobiography finished.  That’s half done now, and its been a lot of work over the last 7 months.  But its not far off being finished.  That’s not so bad if you consider that I’ve already released the 1st Volume, and finished an interim book “Pact With the Devil”.  “Pact” will hit the shelves soon, and I suspect some others may ‘hit the roof’ as well over its frank writing!   But I have been kept very busy.  I mean, hell, its 8.20 in the morning now, and I still haven’t had any proper sleep.  I mean, missed a night’s sleep except for about 3 hours in the chair from which I’ve just awoken.  But its too late – or early – to go to bed now, so I guess that’s it for the rest of the day  I’ll try and slip in between some sheets later.  But not now, I’m just not tired anymore!

Did another interview for Steve Genier of Nocturnal Frequency Radio earlier.  That was from midnight (UK time) for a couple of hours.  I like talking with Steve because as a psychic investigator himself, I feel at least he has some understanding of what I’m trying to say.  I never ‘rehearse’ these things (sorry K darling!) but that’s just the way I work.  We spoke about psychic phenomenon in general and, of course, the infamous Highgate ‘vampire’ case.  I was caught right in the middle of the latter, so its not really surprising that people still want to ask about it.  Add to this, all the lies and nonsense that certain people have spread about it (including those that are addicted to Yorkshire Pudding diets while digesting such wild stories), I guess its not that surprising that I am only willing to set the record straight.

Anyway, I just sat back, put my feet up, and told Steve about some investigations – psychic investigations, that is.

Think I’ll sort out another picture to put up with this tonight (this morning)..  Not sure if I have a relevant one readily to hand   Just to save a ‘boring post’ otherwise looking a little bland! (Hopefully please K. as well).

So, more of the book done; another interview done, so think I’ll just take the day off now.  After all, it is Good Friday!

David (Farrant)


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