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A Sneak Robin Hood Preview From The Land Of Kirklees…

Thanks so much for your response, everyone, about our new Robin Hood film, due for national release next week.

I think I did say previously on here that I’m really not allowed to give too much away due to the fact that I am presently under two seperate contracts on the Highgate business which really forbid a conflict of interest without prior consultation. However as this new film on the legendary Robin Hood has been produced independently by a seperate film company in conjunction with DFTVX / BPOS, there is no ‘conflict’ arising between these three productions.

However, I still do not want to give too much away in advance on the new Robin Hood production. But thanks to the interest of so many people, I think I can at least release the brief opening sequence. You’ll just have to wait for the rest! Only a week to go now, and I’m sure you will then agree the complete film has been worth waiting for! Me? Well, I seem to have been on a culinary trip round the world this week, as Della cooked a lovely Mexican meal when my son Jamie came to visit a couple of days ago with his girlfriend Jo, to help us celebrate a certain anniversary. They enjoyed it anyway, and Della certainly deserves the compliments on her adaptable repertoire of menus. In fact, she has just cooked me a lovely plate of steak and mushroom stroganoff, with fresh parsley and homemade garlic dough balls and asparagus, complete, of course, with two bottles of vintage red wine which Della bought especially for the occasion. So I am naturally a little bit tired after another hard day’s work and a good meal.

But I will be keeping everybody up to date now a little more, as things seem to be happening so quickly, so I do not really have any excuse for any long lapses in posting. But that’s really all for tonight. Hope you enjoy the film intro as much as we enjoyed making the film which has now been completed and is just awaiting your opinions once you have seen it in its entirety.

So adios for now everyone, Della and I just think we need a bit of relaxation now.
Click anywhere on video to view / be patient depending upon your internet connection and give it a little time to load.

For the moment,


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