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Ancient Ram Inn Second Vigil – Dave Milner’s Report

The Ancient Ram Inn is situated in the West Country of England, in a small town called Wotton-under-Edge, and is the oldest building in the town dating back to the thirteenth century.  It is a grade 2 listed building and is in need of much renovation, but it is everything a haunted house should be, with musty smells, creaking floorboards and ancient graves.

Owned by a Mr. John Humphries.  It has a constant stream of visitors and is forever being investigated by psychic & paranormal investigators.  This place is the most haunted ever, with actual sightings of paranormal activity some of which was recorded on digital camera by myself, Dave Milner.

The investigation at which this took place was carried out by the Black Country Paranormal Society & The British Psychic and Occult Society.  The focus of the investigation was to hold a vigil during the night of the November 2nd, 2002 and my job was to take digital photos of the event.  The cameras I used were an Olympus Camedia C2 & Olympus C1400 XL digital cameras. John Humphries says that the inn is haunted, and gave us a small briefing whilst mentioning that there were orb-like manifestations that appeared from time to time.  He also mentioned that some people with digital cameras were able to record them.  At first I thought that he was having us on, but during the course of the night as I myself was taking photographs the Olympus Camedia C2 started to malfunction on some exposures and there were some strange things happening on some of the photos; at first I thought it was lens flare but after close examination of the photos I dismissed this for a number of reasons.  The first reason being that this has never happened before under similar conditions. Secondly what I myself was told by the owner of the Ram Inn about the Orbs which other people have also captured, and mediums have also experienced.  As I was taking photos in the Bishops room, John asked everyone if they could see the orbs, which he said they were all around us.  I also took a shot up inside the fireplace of the Bishops room showing an orb-like manifestation. John showed us two items which were taken from that fireplace.


Unexplained light photographed inside the 'haunted chimney at the Ram Inn (c) Dave Milner
Unexplained light photographed inside the ‘haunted chimney at the Ram Inn © Dave Milner


A house is a living thing because living things are in it. In voodoo the heart is our essence, it is ‘us’, that is why a govi supposedly beats like a heart. A govi is used to trap a spirit, it may look like a sealed earthen jug. The heart of the house is usually a piece of carved wood and is often placed up a chimney. If a govi was to be broken the spirit will look like a glowing orb, sometimes the orb will show a face, especially if it has something to say or wishes to be recognized. IF FOUND…it must never ever be disturbed.

There is an exterior shot of the Ancient Ram Inn which shows members of the Black Country Paranormal Society standing around a pentagram that has been etched into the ground surrounded by Orb like manifestations. I have shown these photos to many people unconnected with the investigation and they all seem to be of the belief that this is not lens flare.

To sum up this investigation I believe that the paranormal activity experienced by many visiting the Ancient Ram Inn is mainly brought as a result of John’s renovations to the building, in that he unwisely moved and interfered with objects such as mummified rats, ancient graves, and charms that had been placed in certain locations in and around the Ancient Ram Inn.  The feeling that I myself experienced was one of utter confusion, I did not sense any evil or malice in fact the whole experience was a complete enlightenment.  As for our host John Humphries, who is a gentleman clearly in his twilight years as can be seen in the photograph that I took of him, he seemed to emit the energy of a man a quarter his age.  The energies of Ancient Ram Inn could well be the source of his ‘power supply’. It was definitely a weekend to remember. I would recommend anyone a visit to the Ancient Ram Inn.

© Dave Milner 2002



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