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Vampires – The North Gate

What ever became of the cult classic ‘Vampires – The North Gate’? That is the question on the lips of all self respecting ghouls, goths and creatures of the night.

Some say that the original edit was stashed away in Dee Monique’s bountiful cleavage for safe-keeping, and vanished into a wormhole only to end up irretrievably lost on the distant shores of the planet Transexual, Transylvania.  Other reports indicate that another copy, entrusted to notorious fugitive from justice Dave Milner, has become corrupted by evil influences and is in the computer shop undergoing extensive and life threatening data recovery procedures.

Do YOU have a copy of Vampires – The North Gate, taking pride of place among your pre-DVD VHS collection of video nasties? If so, drop us a line. In the meantime, please do whet your appetite for this most elusive of films, by checking out the exclusive preview published in Glamgoria Issue 4 …