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Ace Merlin’s Review of Beyond the Highgate Vampire

In 1997 I was contacted by Ace Merlin, editor of Glamgoria magazine, with a view to her writing a review of my book Beyond the Highgate Vampire. This was to be the start of several collaborations with Ace, Dee Monique, Dave Milner and the rest of the Darkhouse Productions team.

The review was published in Issue 2 of Glamgoria, which was a high quality underground publication which rapidly attained cult status in the goth subculture … in the words of Dave Milner the magazine filled an important gap, as the majority of  magazines around at the time were full of banal tedium, and needed a touch of true gothic horror  … “I gave them glamour, hope and “Glamgoria” ….. Dave later recounted that the reason they had to pack it all in was that whenever he went to gigs people kept throwing eggs at him, and as he can’t stand to see food go to waste the only solution was to consign Glamgoria to history – but history not forgotten of course.  So please read on …

Ace Merlin and David Farrant share a tender moment …