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In Search of The Highgate Vampire (1997)

David Farrant, one of the world’s leading psychic investigators, takes you on a strange and terrifying journey into the realms of the undead. This program deals with the true life events surrounding the sightings of the ghostly apparition known as the Highgate Vampire.

Shot in 1997, this film represents the first foray of the BPOS into independent film making. Directed and produced by BPOS stalwart Dave Milner in association with his then film company Darkhouse Productions, it rapidly became an underground cult classic through its distribution at ‘outsider’ outlets such as Forbidden Planet.

Conceived during an era when the Highgate Vampire Society was at full flourish, and attracting the creative talents of goth icons such as Dee Monique, it is unashamedly infused with the camp-gothic sensibility of the decade.

Part of its enduring appeal may be that underneath the sound and special effects is an intensely personal (and highly detailed) first hand account of the real life events which inspired the media frenzy which became known as the Highgate Vampire. This account is, of course, presented by Mr David Farrant, President of the British Psychic and Occult Society and the Highgate Vampire Society, and a central figure in the genuine psychic investigation into the malignant entity which seemed hell bent on causing psychic — and physical – harm to so many residents of Highgate Village in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

With footage shot on location in Highgate Cemetery, Highgate Village and Swains Lane — the epicentres of the outbreak of malevolent psychic activity all those years ago, a witness speaking of his personal encounter with the entity, and dramatic reconstructions, this film is really the first authentic video adaptation of this highly strange and unusual case. Followers of the case will be particularly fascinated by the plethora of original witness statements recounted, and the focus upon the original investigations and findings of the BPOS — some of which are beyond unsettling.

You can watch the full film below.