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David Farrant Talk for the Secret Chiefs 2011

WHEN: 15th Aug 2011

AT: The Devereux Arms, Temple, London

FOR: The Secret Chiefs Pagan Moot.

David Farrant at the Devereux with Michael Bingas and Gareth J. Medway.

The following 4 part film shows extracts from an interview David Farrant gave to author Gareth J. Medway at the Devereux Arms, near The Temple in London, on August 15th 2011. Gareth questions David quite extensively about the recent release of the second volume of his autobiography “David Farrant: Out of the Shadows”. This includes his involvement in white witchcraft (Wicca), psychic investigations, and the infamous Highgate Vampire affair. Also discussed are David Farrant’s infamous ‘witch Trial’ at The Old Bailey in 1974 and his later experiences in prison.

David Farrant's Interview with Gareth J. Medway

Unfortunately there was a very loud industrial refridgerator in the bar where the Talk was filmed, and the distorted audio is the result of an attempt to quieten it down in post-production. It does get a bit better in part 3. The management did apologise!