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A Note Upon Internet Forums

!! Please note some or all of the content of this page was first written in 2014. Therefore it may contain information which is no longer up to date. !!

Some new readers – and maybe some regular readers – of this website may feel inspired by the content to join one or more of the many discussion forums on the internet devoted to the Highgate Vampire case. Perhaps YOU wish to share your opinions and discuss those of others.  Please do, by all means. But please also observe this note of caution from the B.P.O.S.:

Since the inception of the internet one person, under a list of aliases now in the hundreds, and occasionally with the assistance of a minute band of supporters, has been trolling the web, disseminating negative disinformation not only about myself and the B.P.O.S. but also about anyone who is perceived to ‘take my side’ in debate about the Highgate phenomenon. This person makes it their business to flood any online discussion about the case with multiple user accounts in an attempt to start flame wars and inevitably get forums closed. Their rationale? They cannot stand criticism or adult debate, and seek to extend a personal obsession with myself and my family to anyone they perceive to be on friendly terms with us. There are of course (unfortunately) a handful of other unhinged ‘keyboard’ warriors out there who replicate this illegal and malicious behaviour towards myself, my family and my friends. Personally I welcome all forms of genuine online debate, and am more than happy to answer reasonable questions about the paranormal as well as I am able.  However, because of the sheer malice and stalking tendencies which are exhibited towards my on and offline friends by these individuals, including multitudinous hateblogs, I do advise anyone contributing to such forums to be extremely careful about protecting their real identity from anyone who they do not trust 100% – including their real name, home address and email address. Please do not let this note of caution put you off from contributing your views on material which you may have read on this site to external forums – or indeed via the contact box on this site.  All correspondence made via the contact box is treated in strictest confidence and always has been.  Just PLEASE,  stay safe online,  readers!  Online debate can be fun – getting stalked is not. If you feel that, as a result of online debate about any matters pertaining to myself or the Highgate case, your personal safety or privacy is being compromised or you receive threats from anyone posting under aliases, in the first instance we suggest that you telephone the police who are well aware of these individuals’ previous history in this regard and indeed their aliases and IP addresses.

For guidance on protective behaviours online, click here

Please do not feel threatened or intimidated into not being able to express your ideas and views online  – just be sure to do it in a way that keeps your safety and privacy intact. Best wishes, David Farrant