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Which Einstein Seems To Have Neglected To Mention

Well it’s a long holiday in the UK this weekend, due mainly to the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

I’m not really into all this ‘revelling’ (having been detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for crimes I had not committed doesn’t exactly endear one – sorry Ma’am!). But another reason is, I do not have a television or buy newspapers so I am somewhat restricted into getting into the spirit of things!

Anyway that aside, holiday time really presents a good occasion for me meeting up with friends. Yesterday evening Patsy and Rick visited Della and myself and brought with them some ‘lobster pizzas’ – only joking! Sorry Babs!

Anyway to be serious, we all had a good evening and sat up talking and exchanging news til at least 3am. I was pleased to learn that Patsy’s book, ‘The Highgate Vampire Casebook’, is going well and Amazon have requested some more copies. We also had a couple of calls on Skype from mutual friends and Patsy and Della had a chance to speak with them on the webcam. Much as technology can be a pain sometimes, it is amazing to think that you can converse with people nowadays and see the expressions on each others’ faces, whatever part of the world they are in at the time. Anyway we all had a good time, just relaxing and talking about nothing much in particular. Patsy has been working fairly hard lately (as has Della) and its just nice to sit down with a bottle of wine or two, or maybe even three!

I recently gave an interview for The Paracast, that well known paranormal radio station in America run by Gene Steinberg. It was pre-recorded for a change, so we did not have to be up at 4am in the morning for a 2 hour stint, like that evil Steve Genier and Br Don Ecker make us do sometimes!

Anyway back to the Paracast; it went very well and will be transmitted live at midnight tonight Pacific time and 7am UTC. The show will then be going into the archives for downloading, and I will put the direct link up for that tomorrow. So please watch this space. Well that’s most of the interviews taken care of for now – next stop the Brighouse Gala! Still that’s a good month away so lots of time to prepare for that.

Della has been using the holiday time to pursue her interests in quantum physics. She has a theory that this may be relevant to many cases of paranormal phenomenon, which Einstein himself seems to have neglected to mention. Anyway I’ll have to leave that to her, as such advanced formulas and spectroscopy techniques are somewhat beyond my humble comprehension. I’ve always said a ghost is a ghost full stop (unless of course it happens to be a ‘vampire’! But I hope I made that a bit clearer in The Paracast broadcast.

Anyway, we are both just relaxing now. Fish pie for dinner tonight, but no lobster Della felt she could make a really good one with a few prawns and shrimps and crayfish instead – but that’s still yet to be sampled. I’ll let you know the outcome tomorrow. Della did insist however that it needed a good Semillon Sauvignon Blanc to accompany it, which is no problem at all as we do have a few in the wine rack!

Anyway folks, hope you all get a chance to enjoy Gene’s broadcast and the link will follow tomorrow.

For the moment,

P.S. Just before I go to bed folks, new video uploaded to YouTube tonight which might interest some connoiseurs of the Highgate ‘Vampire’ epic. In fact it is one of the first videos produced by the BPOS, presented by myself covering the basics of that story. A classic film, as many have described it, and well worth downloading as a collectors’ item. Hope you enjoy it, David


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  1. Hi David,
    It was great to see you and Della last week. She has worked wonders with your flat. She is a wonderful lady, very kind, thoughtful and charming. No wonder you discarded others; she is made for you. Not only that, but Della is a great cook, too! Shame we couldn’t get to see the cat, but since I’m allergic to pussycats, perhaps it was for the best. Also, we can’t wait to get started on the new film. Ha ha!
    David, we are planning our next ghost outing, as you know. Do you still want to go to the place in Essex that we spoke of?
    Lots of love,
    Patsy & Ricky. xxxx

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