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When We Are Awake

Talk about having vivid dreams again (although I have not mentioned this deliberately for some time), the one last night really seemed to show that sleep may not be so much removed from waking reality.

What do I mean? Well, to begin with, none of us really seem to question sleep; or more precisely, where we ‘go’ when we are asleep. Have you ever thought about this? I think most truthful people would have to answer ‘no’; or that . . . ‘it is not something that needs to be explained other than it is just a normal occurrence of a natural cycle‘. Really meaning . . . ‘why is that so important’?, or ‘I have never really thought about it’.

Maybe. That is surely correct. But I was just questioning WHERE the conscious mind ‘goes’ when at rest (during sleep) and we are no longer conscious of it? Most of us just take this state for granted surely, but very rarely question anything about it. In reality, I wonder how many of us do even question this? To wonder where the ‘everyday me’ (as we have come to know ourselves) functions when we are not aware of it (during sleep). Without even attempting to go into this too deeply; surely it (the I, me or you), must ‘go’ somewhere? As opposed to just being a ‘blank memory’ (with the exception of dreams perhaps) from waking activities?

Do we ever question this important point? No, I don’t think so. Sleep has become so compulsory to all of us, that we never even want to question it; other than just accepting this as a natural resting process – albeit one we have no waking memory of. I suppose this is where dreams might be of significance. Which is what prompted me to raise this important issue.

My dream? I think I’ll leave that until next time. Its not something that I really want to analyse; except when in relation to the very function or necessity of sleep. It is this that I am really only questioning; not the fleeting patterns (called ‘dreams’) that occur within it.

These dreams or thought patterns’ may mean something, or equally, they may not. It is just the actual state of sleep that contains these sometimes, that I was questioning. To put it way over simply . . . Have you ever really thought or questioned what happens to our minds when we fall asleep? In other words, questioned whether the ‘me’ (that we all accept we are) is still actually active outside our normal habitual recollection of curling up under the bedclothes for the night?

I am just asking, that’s all.But it is really an essential point. That is, of course, to those who might be interested in studying the actual nature of consciousness. Which I suspect, few of us are!
We give much thought and analysis to this when we are awake admittedly (at least some of us do), but just accept the sleeping state to be relatively unimportant – that’s if we even question it in the first place!



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  1. That shaving brush nicking Yorkie behind all those rumours about MI5, vampires, and flying saucers? I reckon life is rather boring in farm country so they craft these wind ups.

  2. I really don’t know where you keep on finding all this tedious nonsense, Cat; but as its you, I’ll let it go.
    Some people may appreciate a good laugh;just like the conspiracy theory which even the relevant authorities laughed at. That was just a ‘wind up’, I’m afraid, but some people fell for it ‘hook, line and sinker’!
    Talk about ’empty vessels making the most noise’!!
    For now,

  3. Yes, Cat. That story put around about an alleged ‘cover up’ by MI5 to protect the real location of Robin Hood’s alleged grave, was just that . . . a story. A friend of mine who works in the film industry was fully aware of the facts, but it suited a proposed film project at the time, and he went along with a few people who chose to believe it. It made fantastic advertising for the film which still had to get full financial backing. (He had already made a small film there previously which was transmitted on Channel 4). But the actual project or idea was very ‘hush’ ‘hush’ hence all the misinformation being bandied about. Things got a little out of hand recently so my friend was forced to make an official report (explaining the above) to the relevant authorities.
    As a matter of fact, the same person who ‘lapped up’ all the conspiracy nonsense, also once claimed to have encountered a ‘vampire’ at the grave one night. Questioned about this many years later in a London pub, admitted that her account had turned out like something in a ‘penny dreadful’, and that she had only said this to ‘make the story more interesting’. Her latest public claim, that I thought there was a ‘vampire’ at the grave, is just a further example for her lust for sensationalism
    In fact, I visited the grave with others (including herself) in April 2005 to perform a Blessing Ceremony there (I had stated I believed there was some kind of malevolent psychic presence there, but no reference was made to this being a ‘vampire’), but that is all. I also visited several other reputedly haunted sites in the general area at the same time.
    So . . . No ‘conspiracy’ I’m afraid, and no ‘vampire’ either! Except maybe in that person’s mind!

  4. David, we go to many places in our dream states. I can’t speak for everyone, but mine (usually) involve healing and asking trapped souls to move on. I don’t always recollect these episodes, but those I do are quite vivid.
    We haven’t yet scratched the surface of what the mind can do.

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