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David Farrant

What’s News?

Gareth didn’t get around to doing his Borley write up on Friday.

We had three other people in transit, and quite apart from that there was to much to do.  But he says he’ll do it next week.  He’s already written it out in longhand and I must say its quite enlightening – for people with an interest in ghosts or Borley rectory that is.

Went out earlier.  Had to really, running out of cigarettes!  It doesn’t worry me smoking on the street.  But one drawback is that it attracts people asking for cigarettes.  I used to oblige when I was getting them on the cheap (duty free of course) but now I just refuse people telling them they are too expensive now.  I think I’ve said this before, but for some reason I always seem to attract people stopping me, apart from cigarettes.  Most of them are friendly admittedly but I really don’t know half of them, although they seem to recognise me. It probably wouldn’t happen out of the area, but then, I don’t often go out of the area.

So what’s news really.  Well that Cat is still active – or hyper active – but the Lone Stranger seems to have galloped off into the sunset. – for the moment anyway.

Barbara has gone quiet, but that makes a change anyway!

I have been invited to give another Talk shortly (probably November, just waiting for the confirmation date) although I’m not going to allow it to be monopolised by the stupid Highgate ‘vampire’.  Yes, ‘stupid’!  Stupid in the sense that I know the bloody thing doesn’t even exist – except in very human form, at least.  There are plenty of other cases of genuine unexplained phenomena anyway, aside from that ridiculous nonsense.

I might try to put up another pic to finish this off as it saves writing!  I think my birthday pic from a couple of years back is a good one now I know this has been re-sized properly.  Please no more comments about the whisky bottle though.  After all, it was my birthday!

So everyone, hope you all have a good holiday tomorrow.  And I’ll post again soon.

For now though,

Birthday Boy

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