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Sunday Again

Sunday again!

Oh my goodness! Yet I think I’ll keep off religious topics for today, I either seem to upset the aethiests (Randi) by saying that I believe in God; or manage to upset certain ‘religious fanatics’ because I disagree with some of their religious hypocrisy!

“You can’t please all of the people”… etc etc!

Well far be it from me to upset either camp. Which does not mean I won’t stop expressing my views (which, after all, I’ve been expressing for some 25 years) – only that I’m just not in the mood now.

Books still racing ahead; and the new comic layout came on Friday. Forgot to mention that. Partly because Gareth was here and we were discussing ‘deeper things’. He said he caught his last tube ok, but only just.

I like Gareth but I just wish he wouldn’t keep spilling ash on my lovely clean table!



3 responses

  1. David can you explain your reply to the birth control and abortion issue? Don’t you think the female rather than the male should have the right to choose, rather than be forced to bear a litter of babies?

  2. Cat, for once I agree with you, because it is after all the female that has to go through the process of carrying and giving birth whilst it does not affect males physically.
    So we agree for one! Except I would only say that I am slightly concerned about the most important right of all which is the right to life of the unborn child.
    It’s all very well to be sexually active, but there has to be a greater responsibility at work when what you are doing is in effect, creating a new life and one that should be considered deeply before being ‘flushed away’.
    Well Cat, I’ll leave you to go back on the rampage now chasing all those female cats up there in heaven, but remember what I said about ‘greater responsibility’.

  3. Cat,
    A woman’s right to choose…a new dress, a career, a husband, a new car…it doesn’t extend to choosing whether or not a life should be ended. I am speaking from a very personal viewpoint, and not once did this horrible action ever cross my mind…
    If a woman is so blessed by God that a child is bestowed upon her, then murdering it is throwing that gift back into God’s face.
    As you can see, I am not a ‘pro choicer’ when it comes to this.

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