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Someone Called Anna

Book not far off finished now,  Was working through till daylight on it yesterday (or should that be today, not too sure!) so slept a little late.

A little too late, in fact,  as I nearly missed the Post Office (another order for Pact) and DID miss the bank. Not a problem really as I can just from the book sales cash which should have really gone into the bank.

Someone called Anna contacted me on Facebook saying she still had a sketch of me (above) which she’d done at  school when she was 14.  I wanted to see it, and she gave me her permission to use it here.  Its from a book or magazine but not too sure which.

This is what I wrote to her on Facebook . . . “Yes Anna, that was one of the pictirues.  It was taken by a free-lance journalist in 1971 and published in Tit Bits magazine and the local Press in 1972.  Police found copies of the pictures in my Highgate flat 3 years later and used them as ‘evidence’ that I had damaged the coffin, when in fact, I hadn’t even touched it.  That was the ONLY evidence, save but for fabricated admissions (‘by’ myself) submitted by the Police to the effect I had ‘confessed’ to damaging it.  Mind you, my reputation didn’t help: in fact, that’s why the Police brought the charges”.

That’s really self-explanatory for anyone wanting to know the basic history.  In short, I was set up by the Police for that offence and got 2 years in jail for an offence I had not committed. As to my ‘reputation’: well, I was really tried in Court (in 1974) because of this (admitting to being a ‘white witch’) and not over the actual cases of vandalism.

As I have said many times before, the persecution towards perceived ‘witchcraft’  and the occult still goes on today.  It did not die out with the 16th and 17rg centuries.

Well, I’d better try getting an earlier night tonight.  Got several things to catch up on tomorrow.  For the moment,


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