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Slightly Honoured . . .

Time seems to be racing ahead.  First Christmas was looming; then New Year.

But now, we’re getting into January, and time seems to have slowed down a bit.  Well, not for me! Work-wise things to be racing ahead; in fact, so much so, that its difficult to keep up with them!

Anyway, the first book (the new autobiography) has now been printed, and it won’t be long before that is on the shelves.  Then I’ll start sending copies out to everyone who has ordered them or been promised.  The next book won’t be too far behind, but I’ll keep everyone informed.

On another matter . . .

Listen, Speedqueen,  Are you still alright for that day we arranged?  The others are (its been confirmed now) so please try and get along.  Just phone me – that will do!  They are all looking forward to meeting you, so just be flattered!

Me?  I’m just a little tired trying to meet on-going obligations – but somehow I always manage to.  It’s a really good job us ‘witches’ have been trained to be resilient as under ‘human law’, otherwise I would have given up long ago!

Other news?  Precious little really.  Been asked to give another Talk in March, and have provisionally accepted because it seems OK.  Venue is just outside London, but not far enough out to be inconvenient.  I can only be slightly ‘honoured’ to be invited like this.  Must mean that some people take notice of what I’m actually saying!

Other less important news:  I went to the door this afternoon and was surrounded by ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses (again).  My name must have somehow remained on their files as a ‘possible subject for Conversion’.  Me, of all people!  But then, I think I was just some person they had listed in their ‘book’.  I don’t think I am intolerant – but on the other hand, I just cannot take to intolerant people.

Its much warmer now.  That ‘cold-snap’ has really gone.  Not before time either!

Till the next time,



2 Responses

  1. hi david
    will ring you tomorrow night to sort out times etc but i shall arrive! as they are friends of yours i promise to behave myself and will try to find something to wear that is not too revealing!
    speak tomorrow take care david

  2. Thanks Speedqueen
    Yes please phone tonight, and just phone back if I happen to miss it (might be in the kitchen or something).
    Wear what you wore last time, that was fine! They’re all broad-minded so don’t worry about that! I don’t!
    Speak later,
    For the moment,

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