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Out and About…

Well Della and myself have certainly had a busy few days; out and about a lot, getting various things done.

Important trip yesterday to a meeting in Surrey, which resulted in leaving London at midday, and not getting home until around 9pm. It was very important, being a legal appointment for 2.30pm, which was why we allowed plenty of time for buses and trains etc. We’d normally have gone by car, but to save parking problems as we had a few stops to make afterwards we felt this would allow us more time to relax than possibly getting caught up in traffic rushes. Anyway, we were in good time for the appointment, and even had time to get a quick meal beforehand. There were some legal provisions to be finalised which needed signatures of both parties concerned. It didn’t take too long much longer than an hour and a half, which was good, because we had a couple of other locations to visit near Reigate.

On another matter I have been personally informed of a rather interesting scenario. This was about 3 weeks ago, and somebody sent me information about somebody called Roy whom I had known a few years back and was an excellent caricature artist. To cut a long story short, I was able to make contact with Roy again, although this was fairly ‘slow’ as Roy is presently not online. But his letters were interesting and he sent me a new illustration to use if I wanted re: the Robin Hood ‘ghost’ matter. As everybody will probably remember, Barbara invited me to be Patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society (from which I later resigned) and he was apparently still under this impression when he recently wrote to me. I explained a few circumstances to him and the illustration (beautifully drawn) captures these images exceptionally well. Basically it describes the ‘wicked witch of the North’ (in this case Yorkshire) and her equally scheming assistant called Katerina who are both out to exploit the ‘old’ legend of a ‘vampire-ghost’ reputedly reported by many locals at ‘Robin Hood’s grave’. I do not know when I will get a chance to use this, but I certainly see no harm in posting Roy’s latest work here. I have assumed he has given me permission to use it in one of my publications, but obviously, I want to ask him first.

Anyway, another fairly long trip to London with Della today, but this concerned the sale of my latest book and had nothing to do with legal matters. That trip was highly successful, and Della was especially pleased as she spotted a pair of shoes she has been looking for for some time (no, not glass slippers!). They cost her a small fortune,  but I have to say they really do justice to her slender legs as she was ‘modelling’ them for me later around the flat.

Apart from that all is fairly quiet at the moment on the literature front. But who can tell? One really never knows just what is going to happen in this business!

So have fun everyone, and I’ll be posting again soon.



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  1. I must say, if I wasn’t in the Reigate area on personal business, I wouldn’t go there for pleasure. That said at least we got everything ticked off and sealed finally. All downhill from here! Once a million and one less technical aspects are dealt with. Still, at least I finally have my shoes, not that anyone will be able to see them when they eventually get worn outside the house!
    For now,
    Miss V

  2. Well, the main things been signed now, so I’m well and truly committed to that! New Talk soon as well with permission to film, and no objection from the original film-makers. So that’s good as well.
    I really don’t mind if you wear your casual shoes in the house though. More comfortable for doing house chores in! Although they do suit you!

  3. Maybe I should go for a landgirl or munitions factory look with a headscarf and boiler suit, something like this: !.jpg
    Think it would suit me?!

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