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David Farrant giving a Talk to The Secret Chiefs in 2001
David Farrant giving a Talk to The Secret Chiefs in 2001

Its raining, but its milder, and I still have to go out to get a few things.

Still got three books to package up as well which are getting a little overdue now; but worry about that when I get book.  One order is for my book The Vampyre Syndrome.  It first came out in 2000 but sold out recently; and typically, once a book is out of print, I start to get several orders for it!  Anyway, another large batch done now so that provides no problem.

Don’t really feel like doing a Blog today.  Just slightly upset over something; the consolation is, I know it won’t last for long.  But while it is lasting, I just feel a bit ‘lost’, and don’t really feel like doing much, if anything.

I’ve also been working on the photographs for my 2nd Volume.  There’ll  be 20 pages so more than enough space.  Think people prefer the old 1970 ‘witchy ones’,  and there’s more than enough of those to choose from.  The book carries on from 1974 (where Vol. 1 left off) and goes through to the mid 1990’s.  A lot happened during this long period.  We have more ‘occult duels’, involvements of the Far Right, ‘clergy’ who claimed to be opposed to black magic and who performed bizarre ‘exorcisms to ‘banish the ‘devil’ upon the unsuspecting;  and, not least, of course, the activities of some Cults and Sects whose activities were timed to disrupt normal social behaviour: at least where ‘religious values’ were concerned where such people tried to teach and spread these.  Yes, its all there, in all its sordid glory.  None of it fiction; but all strikingly true.  I also have pictures to back all these exploits up.  But all will be revealed when the book is released in April.

I have selected just one pic. here.  It is of a Talk Igave to The Secret Chiefs on Mysticism and the Highgate ‘vampire’ in 2001.  It had a good attence as you can see.   Must just be my crisma!

I am still feeling slightly depressed at the moment, but its nothing that will last.  Us ‘witches’ are only human as well, after all.


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  1. Hi D,
    All is going well here; I have been out for dinner with the client and his agent, which was a bit of an alien experience, you know how I hate foreign travel I just get so nervy. Am fair shattered right now, in a hotel, in a foreign city feeling very alone. But lots to do tomorrow, so chin up etc. Will give you a call in the morning, Dell x
    P.S. the food here is awful, and the hotel staff are appallingly rude, pretending they can’t speak English for the sake of it. Nothing changes!

  2. P.P.S – it’s only 5 days! But to be fair, a wasted 5 days. Bloody bureaucracy. Am still mightily peeved to say the least. If I can come home earlier then I will, it is not much fun alone. D x

  3. Hi David. So sorry to hear that you’re feeling down. If i can help with anything, you know where to find me x

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