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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

It’s been quiet again everyone. Sorry to sound ‘boring’ but things – external things anyway – really have been quiet.

As a matter of fact, I prefer it that way. But having said that, book work has not been ‘quiet’ – well I guess that couldn’t really be!

Gareth is here, and so I’ve had to explain that bloody ‘shaving brush episode’ to him. Well, I didn’t have to, but it is so trivial that I don’t really mind. I’ve shown him what’s been written. He’s had a good laugh about it, and will be sending the bill shortly! It’s only trivial, I suppose, but what really amazes me is how some people can attempt to make trivial things into something they’re not.
Maybe it’s because some people just lead such sad lives, and only trivial events keep them going? I don’t know. But it certainly seems like that sometimes!

There has been a lot of activity on You Tube currently – as some of you will have gathered – but none of it has been lost and it has all been filed. I will only say, can you imagining the mentality of some people trying to create ‘scandals’ out of virtually nothing?! That’s almost sick in itself, but maybe – to them – it helps to compensate for their own drab lives. Just wish they’d stop involving me in them, that’s all.

What else good people? Well not much really. But I’m ‘scared’, you know; not of human beings, but about relationships. That might sound like a ‘contradiction, I know (as human beings surely make up relationships); but that’s not what I meant.

I am personally not in the least concerned about ‘material life’; only that I am with the feelings of people. What do I mean? Never mind; it doesn’t really matter! I will fight man and beast with little concern. But sometimes when it comes to the feelings of others, that just confuses me a little more.

I am going to keep this short as Gareth is here. Then I’ve got more to do on the books after. I think I’ll have a day off tomorrow from writing here (except replies) but fear not, I will be back on Sunday!

I except you could all use a break anyway!

So for the moment,


22 responses

  1. Thankful the cat-haters have shut their gobs!
    Gareth’s shaving brush: does it, er, I mean, did it vibrate?

  2. “Rival families”? Did this have something to do with Mark McCall? Never mind! I don’t want to know of such things!

  3. I think I’ll let Gareth answer that next week, Cat – if he wants to!
    We only stayed at that house in the first place as we were checking out Robin hood’s alleged grave and some other ghost cases in the area.
    A film company had already interviewed at our homes in London about the case, and when they were told about our proposed ritual/vigil at the grave, we just couldn’t keep them away!
    That is all now history, and that film is now near completion – but I really can’t say anymore about that here at the moment.
    Anyway, that was one main reason for out stay at the house, when Gareth so tragically lost his antique shaving brush.
    I understand he returned to the house a year later to attend somebody’s birthday party a year of so later. On that occasion, however, he had to sleep in a tent in the garden as the house was overflowing with ‘guests’.
    He did tell me however, how he’d performed a ‘protection ritual’ in the front room requested by the owner and a friend. They were apparently having problems with a rival family nearby and had reverted to a ‘Wiccan ceremony’ to deal with it.
    Anyway, I’ll leave him to explain that – again, only if he wants to!
    For the moment,

  4. OK, never mind.
    Speaking of ‘good’ neighbours, here’s hoping SpeedQueen looks just like Felicity Kendal.

  5. No. I have genuinely never heard of him Cat. But on second thoughts, don’t tell me as you know I don’t encourage personal names being used here without prior permission.
    No, it involved some ‘spiteful neighbours feud’- although this did not involve myself.
    The couple of people concerned adopted ‘witchcraft spells’ to try and deal with it However, Gareth did not return to the house again after the second occasion as I think he was quite concerned to see all the venom flying about.
    Still is, I suppose. But I don’t really want to go into this here to avoid some type of “Coronation Street -type saga”!
    For now,

  6. i was about to depart and disapear into the night because i thought you had all forgotten me.well cat i have long blonde hair big blue eyes and devine lips my only draw back is my large bust because it seems to cause all sorts of problems with men.just a glance and they start to dribble and go weak at the knee.I do like men that are masterful so could’nt resist when David ordered me back.i now await your next command David what is it you desire from me
    your wish is my command

  7. Hi Speedqueen.
    Well South London isn’t really too far away with things like tubes, so we must get around to a meeting one evening.
    What I propose is, a bottle of wine (more if you want) and for me to then check out your description by . . . No! Better not here!
    I am sure you know what I mean though.
    Are there any canals near where you live? Seriously, somebody gave me a grotesque ‘witch statue’ for Halloween and I want to get rid of it. Sure its been trying to put a curse on me, and the only safe way to ‘deactivate’ such items is with the element of water. Its just got to go for a swim. (Probably was ‘ducked’ when it was alive!).
    Anyway, would be good to meet you. Just glad you don’t believe all these stories about me from jilted women!
    Now, don’t be long before you reply, and that’s an order!
    For now,

  8. I don’t know about making Speedqueen jealous, Cat, but you’ll certainly make somebody else scratch your Cat eyes out if ever she gets hold of you!
    But just for the record, that photograph (and a few more similar), are the sole copyright of Dave Milner official photographer of the BPOS.
    That photograph was on my Friends of David Farrant Message Board and also appeared on my main Website and several other main Message Boards.
    It goes without saying that it is of myself and another young lady, and that I have his full permission to publish it.
    I’m not so sure that you do, but don’t worry, I’ll put in a good word for you!
    For the moment,

  9. By the way Cat, do you mind telling me where that News photograph came from?
    I’m really not worried about it in any way; just curious, that’s all!

  10. mmmmm i know what you mean David and im sure we shall meet soon.I promise you wont be disappointed.I only drink a rare brand of whisky which i shall bring and hope you will share it with me.As most of my outfits are quite revealing all i ask is that the room is warm but then again im sure the temperature will soon rise!
    as for that statue when ive completly satisfied your every wish i shall leave you to sleep and take the statue with me and dispose of it. Then like the scorned women it shall be out of your life.
    oh i forgot you cat what could i do for you to cheer you up you have had a ruff time lately. what would make you purr …..

  11. Well, Speedqueen, it goes without saying that a few photos of yourself would be interesting to this Curious Cat.
    You can email them to David, provided he share them with us!

  12. Thank you Speedqueen,
    I’m not adverse to a drop of whiskey myself. Just tell me what the brand is in an email, and I’ll get a bottle. After all, you are the lady!
    Yes, they have been giving me a rough time lately – or trying to. All they’ve succeeded in doing though is to get everyone else joining in; then blaming me for putting them up to it when I hardly know any of them. They’ll have Felicity ‘attacking’ me next. You just can’t win!
    As for that blasted Cat, you can do what you like to it. Remember though, its used up its nine lives now, so won’t be that easy!
    Speak soon my dear,

  13. hi David.
    it took me ages to read all of youtube stuff but its pretty funny.
    the northern witches sound as far removed from christianity as possible.
    i cant stand fake religous bigots who bang on about how wonderful and special they are.
    more like bloody special needs.
    why is Fungus trying to make it sound like the mafia “we take care of our own”
    yeah, like when dodgy kiddie fidler priests get quietly moved to another church or position. it really is taking care of their own!!!
    BBFC made melaugh though.

  14. For Craig,
    The ‘Church’ (that is the material church), may well ‘protect its own’, but the question really is . . . Does God only judge people by a particular church building they may go into, whilst still sinning outside of it”?
    No. I don’t somehow think so.
    But that has really ever been my major point. I have said on numerous occasions before, while men (and women) may be able to conceal their consciences’ from fellow human beings, they can never do so from God.

  15. thats also very true David.
    people banging on about how righteous they are knowing full well theyre full of lies.
    i doubt any of those nobs really believe in god at all and its just for show “oh look how wonderful i am”.
    if they really believed they’d either turn the other cheek or get on with their wonderful little lives.
    one post by Fungus cracked me up where she was banging on about “i’m sure Jesus would understand why i’m doing it and agree” or something like that
    thats one step away from imaginary voices in the head.
    i almost spat my drink out i was laughing so hard.
    i’m sure jesus will forgive me when i tell the witches of eastwick to get a life because jesus loves me and he looks after his own so dont mess with the church cos we stick together and we’re like well hard and have our own little special handshake like the masons only we have better songs…..etcetcetc
    thank God for aethiesm. and yes that is deliberate!

  16. I have to agree Craig. To me there is nothing worse than a person saying (thinking really) that they have a right to ‘tell Jesus’ who can or can’t love. That almost amounts to blasphemy! Whatever, it is certainly not Christian. It is about the most uncaring and unloving sentiment you can get!
    For now,

  17. Did Jesus not say, ‘Suffer little children to come unto me’? I think he did. Nobody is outside Jesus’ or God’s love; no human being has the right to say that – we are a divine spark of God, but none of us is God.
    True Christianity is not borne out of an exclusive church, and those who profess to exclude other human beings is totally missing the point of it.

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