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Meet Up

To add to a chaotic week, Jamie and his friend Lana visited me at the weekend.

Gareth also came along  (see Pic. above).  Jamie brought me a ‘surprise present’ – a black-covered ‘witches chair’ which had to be dismantled before it could fit inside my front room.  I had heard a lot about Lana because of her interest in the Paranormal and the fact she admitted to being a practicing white witch, and so I had asked Jamie if he could bring her along.  He did, and I took the opportunity of speaking to her about her involvement.

Basically she admitted she had become intrigued in the whole subject of Mysticism and the Paranormal from a very young age, which included Wicca; although she stressed that she was not a member of a Coven, but preferred to ‘work alone’. This is not unusual, in fact, as nowadays  people often prefer to learn by their own inherent psychic capabilities, as opposed to attending organised meetings involving other people.

Indeed, I told her that I was much the same myself, and had left ‘organised Wicca’ back in 1982, having concluded that many of the superficial Rites and customs were no longer necessary.  She smiled; although I think she understood exactly what I was saying. She was an attractive girl with a slender figure; and her eyes were deep, but ‘knowing’.

I’ll go into our conversation a little more later here.  But at the moment I really just wanted to post up the photo of our meeting which has only just been forwarded to me.

Thanks Lana, and thanks as well Jamie.
David (Farrant)


3 responses

  1. Glad to hear you are doing well David. Do let me know when i can purchase volume 2 of your autobiography as im just itching to read it.

  2. Hello Powder Gem
    My new book won’t be long now and as soon as its ready, I’ll send a copy up to you. But I’ll tell you beforehand so you can be expecting it. (Hope you enjoyed the last two incidentally). New DVD will be ready soon (in fact, before the book), so I’ll send one of those as well.
    Nice to see you on my Blog. You should come more often!
    For now,

  3. David,
    Yes! Good news about the book, actually, make that fantastic news. Thank you for saying you’ll send me a copy. That means a lot. But do let me know so i can pay you for it without you having to wait so long this time! I really did enjoy what you sent me, especially the autobiography. You have lived an eventful life! Very exicted to hear about the DVD, would love to see it!
    Its nice to be here. Im here often, i just cower in the background.

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