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Its Cold!

Vampire Convention in Hampstead 2004 © Polly Hancock

Its too cold, but I’ve had my computers moved into a warmer room now as the large back room is too difficult to heat.

I’ve got gas in the slighter smaller front room which sends out much more heat.  Quite apart from which, bloody electricity is so expensive now.  Do you know my electricity bill for last winter (three months) came to over 170 pounds!

Anyway, pic. is of a “Vampire Convention” held at Swiss Cottage Library in April 2004 to which I was graciously invited!  told them all I just didn’t believe in ridiculous blood-sucking ‘vampires’, but they still insisted on me going.  Gareth went along as well and we really enjoyed it.

Well, I’ll try and do a longer Blog soon to update everyone.

Thanks for the post, Barbara, by the way.  Suppose I’d better thank that Cat too!  Don’t want him to feel neglected, poor creature!

So, all just for now evereyone.

David (Farrant)


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  1. One way to save on your heating bill would be to get a warm body in the room with you, or better yet under the coverlet!

  2. I might have guessed you’d say something like that1 If there’s any sex maniac around here (rather any Tom Cat maniac) its YOU!
    I’ll have you know, I’ve been trapped in for the past week because of the snow – provisions (including wine and cirarettes) getting lower and lower.
    But I did have 2 visitors a couple of hours ago, Speedqueen with her friend in a car (and even they were ‘slipping all over the place)’. She brought me 200 cigarettes, a bottle of whisky and wine and some pre-packed meals, so I should be alright or until this ice goes.
    Suits me really as I’ve had time to catch up on the second Volume. And finish the other one “Pact with the Devil” as well.
    They stayed for a while, but I’d better not repeat here what she said about you. Apparently your’re becoming qute famous now dear Cat and Speedqueen said when she meets you when she finds your UK resident Cattery address she’s going to . . . well I won’t repeat it here!!
    Just tried some of her whisky and must say it tastes really good. Well, it is a warming drink after all and certainly needed it even inside!
    I never say “Happy Christmas” to people out of habit! (anyway that’s gone now), but have a good New Year,
    For now,

  3. Hi David–glad you found my posts–thought you had struck me off! Its freezing in my house because I refuse to pay enormous gas or electric bills–howeve, wearing several jerseys and scarfs and using a hot water–and putting my gas fire on of course though its a living flame so not so hot—- bottle and heated wheat bag keeps me warm and cosy–didnt have central heating when I was young or double glasing–I just keep under the blankets, though I M STILL RENOVATING NEXT DOOR SINCE THAT IDIOT PLUMBER DRAGGED US INTO the New Year instead of finishing before Christmas as he was handsomely paid to do–he wouldnt return money he was given after he had been sacked–I must let my good friend you know who about this dickipoggy.
    I have soem very good news but will send it to you private–something has finally actually happened as it should with RH but it is bound to cause a dickipoggy tantrum–you know, the truth is translated to scandal and what not, though it will be in the public domain now
    sorry to be so kryptic have just got up and its still dark–when it is light I will go to the fields at the back with my dog but he will have to walk himself as I darent go down the gully
    glad to hear you had a fun night
    tata barbara

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