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It Is Only People Who Do That

It was a nice day (again) so I decided to go for a walk today.

The Woods was nearest and the kids all back at school, so I decided to go there. I took my note book with me (as is usual habit) because I knew that if I didn’t have it, some ‘realisation’ might come to me and I wouldn’t be able to write it down – ‘fresh’ at least. I always write like that; it’s the same at home. Never plan or use clever-sounding words, has always been my motto. God gave us life, and certainly the power of thought, so I never find the need to try and manipulate this (the latter). It is a natural process . . or certainly should be.

I went into the Old Wood (Queen’s Wood) and wandered down a fairly deep path that leads to a sort of ‘valley’. I came across the old children’s’ paddling pool and sat down on a bench to think. Nobody was around – not even a dog walker. It was some time since I’d been here – in fact, couldn’t even remember where the old pool was. I just stumbled on it by mistake.

It had long since fallen into disuse, but you could see, it was still obviously a paddling pool. The bottom was dirty and full of cracks and there was obviously no water in it anymore. Even the old ‘changing pavilion’ was still there – or what was left of that. Rotten planks of wood mostly and the windows had long-since disappeared. It was quiet there; but it always is in Queen’s Wood. Quiet, desolate and almost ‘foreboding’ would be a good way to describe some parts of it.

As I looked around it, I was sure that there used to be fixed chairs all around the perimeter, but of these there was now no visible sign. My mind went back in time; maybe to the late 1940s, early 1950s. I could almost ‘see’ my mother again as she sat on one of these ’empty’ chairs; chattering to people as they intermingled with their children and sharing sandwiches. The pool was full of clear of clear water then – almost 18 inches deep – and the children would spasmodically come back shuddering to the ‘shore’. Their shoulders draped by towels now or being rubbed by caring parents.

It was not far from our old house, and you could walk there in 20 minutes or so; although I suppose the walk seemed much longer to a young child. So there it was. I’d found another memory! Though it was almost sad to see the place still there in such ruined desolation. Nothing lasts for ever, of course, and maybe this moment now, will be the one we’re recalling or looking back on several years from now.

This moment never changes, it is only people who do that.

For the moment,


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  1. Do you know, I’ve just been sorting through my emails and the one’s that have been sent to me, and there’s still loads more replies! I wish some of you would address me directly here though, to save having to answer each one! I still will, don’t worry. I’m just saying that I’m quite prepared to answer anyone here, so there is really no need to mark some ‘Confidential’. About private matters, ‘yes’, but about general stuff you might have read, ‘no’, I can answer you here. Don’t be ‘scared, good people! I can answer anything you ask – but please just don’t let ‘bogus bishop’ queries enter the scene! I am really not interested in that!
    And for the good lady (L) who read somewhere that I am ‘holding someone back’ on their ‘path of spiritual progress’, let me say, I am simply not intereasted in remarks such as that. So I will not – or cannot – answer such queries.
    Maybe – and I mean this as a general reply – if, or when, a person is consumed with personal hatred for another, then the only person who is holding them back from ‘spiritual progreession’ is themselves. Hatred is a most ugly thing, as most people on a spiritual Path will realise.
    And I am sure that the Divine Principle whom some people claim to be in accordance with – is only too aware of that!
    So, that is really all I have to say about that!
    But I will answer all your other queries – especially about my books – later.
    Thanks again everyone,
    For the moment,
    David (Farrant)

  2. David, that has to be the best blog you’ve written in ages.
    i love the old stories andmemories from the old days and ur writing style is perfect for creating a breathing picture.
    well done mate.
    hopefully we can have more like this in the future.
    spoke to C about the database.
    its coming along nicely so don’t worry.
    couple of days tops…say no more 😉

    1. Well, I guess its nice that somebody appreciates it, Craig. Actually, I was only just ‘scribbling away’ without really thinking. As I said, writing really really comes easier to me when you just don’t have to think about it!
      But thanks for the comment.

  3. I must agree with Craig. Best blog in a donkey’s age. I could easily picture the scene from your description. And the deep personal connection made it “come alive”.
    You know, a photo or two to accompany this sort of thing would be grand. Maybe Craig could fit you with a digital camera. But then again knowing your aversion to technology you might just bollocks it up…sigh.

  4. I agree with one thing Cat, a photo or two might be good here. You’re right about another: until I master the knack of re-sizing them for here, you’ll just have to wait or I might well ‘bollocks it up” – to use your own language you uncouth animal!
    Glad you liked the last post. Why, I don’t know when I wasn’t even thinking rather just writing abstractedly about things that just came to mind. Maybe I’ll just do that in future . . . its quicker!
    For the moment,

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