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Haunted Black Dog Lane

David Farrant in Black Dog Lane circa 1995

Well,  Spring seems to have arrived at last – at long last!  Still quite a few things on the agenda though, most of which I tried to arrange for the warmer weather.

A Talk in June up in Yorkshire when I will be discussing the Highgate ‘vampire’ thing yet again.  Why people always want me to discuss a ‘ghost case’ that happened 40 years ago, is always a little off-putting, but its what people seem to want, and if the opportunity is there to set the record straight for a younger generation (and some older one’s!) then I really feel obliged to take it.  Other ‘ghost cases’ inevitably come into it so its not all repetition.

But before that, we have another trip planned for Lyme Regis in Devon.  Not much difference in the distance so another long car ride coming up.

In fact, I am quite looking forward to returning there after several years; and hopefully we will get yet more information on the ‘phantom black dog’ that has been reported haunting a lonely country lane by night.  Several people have reported seeing it over the years, but I was sad to learn that a nearby pub – The Black Dog – has since closed so we have yet to find different accommodation for a couple of nights.  I remember they sold really good real ale there, but with a bit of luck there’ll be somewhere else nearby.  I have not looked into the reason for its closure now (just lack of sufficient trade I suppose), but it would be intriguing to see if it had any connection with the legend!  That’s hoping for a bit much, but some of these ghost locations have yielded stranger rumours in their time.  Della will be going as well, and is really looking forward to it.

Then I have to attend a book signing event in London in July.  Yes, for my new book! but I’ll give more information on that nearer the time.

I have found an old picture of the haunted lane from last time.  It may not look too sinister in daylight,  but at night it has a really strange atmosphere.  It is so quiet there being half a mile or so from the nearest small village.  The ‘dog’ has reputedly been spotted by lonely motorists, although when we were last there, only a couple of cars passed in over three hours.

Some people due here tonight, so better finish this off for now.  Della won’t be too pleased if she gets in from work and discovers I have forgotten to get the food (and the wine, of course!).

So that’s it for now everyone,



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