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Getting There!

Well, I still haven’t finished typing up Part 2 of the Dowdsman yet; its longer than I thought.

I might wait till Friday to finish it, as Gareth’s here and he’s a far faster typist than me. Not that I’ve asked him yet, but sure he’ll do a few pages.

What else? Had a few approaches about Halloween (should say ‘for Halloween’) interviews and articles, I mean.

Been working on the combination of my other two books, really flying along with that. Its going to be difficult when I come to re-write the part about A. It’s a long time ago, but that memory is still so much a part of my life. What I mean is, it is always ‘there’ but I don’t really want to write about it as that only brings it to life again. But then I realise I have to really. One thing I always try and do in my books, is keep them truthful. You can’t just select certain things when they all make up a part of life. At least, I can’t. Better not to write anything in the first place if that were the case.

On another note, I received a letter from a large distributor this morning asking if I could supply some more copies of a recent publication as the previous batch of 200 had almost completely sold out. Of course, I’m pleased but it all means extra work. I mean, I can’t drive, so it means I’ll just have to get someone to drive me over there with a couple of boxes of books. (Far too many to realistically post; rather just pay for the petrol and give them something ‘on top’ for the trouble).

Why is life so hectic sometimes?!


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  1. Dear David
    Not being a driver myself, I know how certain tasks get awkward, you end up taking multiple bus rides, and then walking for miles. Do you think that you will write any special articles for Halloween?
    Regards Matt

  2. 1. What are you wearing for Halloween?
    2. Have you ever had any of your books “banned” before?

  3. I have not actually written any articles (i.e. for independent mags. or newspapers) for Hallowe’en this year, Matt, no. I have been far too busy with my blog and other things.
    I have given three interviews though; one for student publication, one for a newspaper and another for a magazine.
    I’ll give the details once they’ve been released.
    For now,

  4. OK, Cat, you ‘trouble-making’ moggy!
    I shall be wearing a black cloak, a magical pentagram and pointed plastic fangs, what else!?
    Seriously, Cat, I don’t celebrate Halloween anymore. I fact, I don’t even like it. Its become far too commercialised. All you get nowadays is a mass of screaming kids at the door with lighted pumpkins asking for money. No thanks!
    Have I ever had any of my books ‘banned’? No never. They are all available on Amazon and elsewhere.
    If you are referring to what I think you are referring to (i.e. a recent publication); no, that it not banned either – in fact it is selling very well!
    A certain person did try to do a repeat performance of the famous ‘talcum powder plot’ aided by a devious accomplise, but that failed miserably!
    Somebody did ask me about its availability, yes, but I merely offered to send them a copy on receipt of a cheque. So far, I haven’t heard anything!

  5. Maybe I should publish a book called “A Cats Eye View Of The Highgate Affair”, as, after all, I was at the centre of things for a short while when Baldry shooed me out the door and left me to fend for myself in Highgate Woods. “Threatened With A Witch’s Blood Sacrifice” I was, so the story goes. I think it would really lift the lid off the Highgate case, if I could find a “heavenly press” to publish it.

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