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David Farrant

And So Silent

Sitting here relaxing from things (all right, with a beer!) when suddenly got startled by a huge black moth flying silently in circles around the room.

Have no idea where it came from, as all the windows were closed.   It wouldn’t alight so I could see it properly,  but it was a beautiful creature, and so silent.  Must have been some two inches across.  I watched it intently, especially when it kept flying briefly around my head.  I wondered if it was aware of myself; it almost seemed to be.  Suddenly it flew into the Chinese lantern lamp-shade so I immediately switched this off to stop it burning itself on the bulb.  It was too beautiful to die in that way.  It immediately settled somewhere inside, and I had to find the table lamp to get some light.  It stayed in there for about half an hour until it finally found its way out and started flying round the room once more.  Then it settle on top of some books.  I walked over slowly to try and get a proper look at it, but it had gone.  I presumed it had gone behind the books against the wall.  I didn’t start moving the books in case it got injured, but at least I know where it is for the moment and its safe.  I might start slowly move the books tomorrow, after having open the window, and hopefully it will fly out.  I suppose they do fly in the daytime even if they are nocturnal.

Got two sandwiches from the store a little earlier.  Been reduced from £2. 30 each to 50P.  They were huge and I thought I could afford that considering I spend much more on wine and beer.  Still got half of one left, . which is more than I can say for the beer!

Think I said, I’ve finished my written article for America.  Well I since heard from the lady and she seems pleased with it – at least, she didn’t suggest any changes.  Problem is, I’m such a good writer, I rarely have to make any!  And if that sounds conceited, its because it is!  (Well, at least I’m honest)

No.  I’m not saying more about the article at the moment for obvious reasons.  But I’ll let you all know when its been published.   It’ll also be on line as well as being in newspaper/magazine format.  So I’ll probably put a link up on here, but just have to confirm permission first.

Well, that’s about it for now.  Having a short break, so just thought I could do another  Blog.


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  1. Hi,David,just spoke to Mary-shes doing alright after her operation.Had the implant put in,but shes ok.I was really annoyed last night.My mum had made some homemade pasties and i put two in the oven,and they burned.Im nervous about the shepherds pie.Knowing me,ill forget to put in the mince,or put mincemeat[the sort that goes in mince pies] by mistake.So hopeless! The other day made a pot of tea,forgot to put t bags in-served up a lovely pot of water!Hope your book is going well?Your other one was really good-very honest[in the shadow of the highgate vampire]and interesting-its strange how we all have to go down different paths.And can still manage to find our way,after getting lost for a while?Will talk soon.Yours,Clarmonde

  2. Hi Claremonde
    Don’t worry about the food too much; its not that important. Just get yourself here, then we’ll be able to catch up.
    Things quite quiet at the moment, although I’m still working on the book. Got near to the stage of sorting the photograohs out Now that really should be fun!
    Anyway speak soon, For the moment,

  3. Hi David—
    You are a good writer I agree–I would not dare to write my life history–I would die of embarrassment at my youthhful follies!– even if I could remember it ! Some of it is still there about the asylum which I set in ink in the 1970’s–when I could still remember the 60’s—and all the dickipoggy at Highroyds Hospital Leeds NHS. THEY ARE NOW MAKING MILLIONS ON film sets and house conversions–well, thats what happens, but I sure wouldnt like to be living on Ward 28–Ingleborough–choose how fancy it might now be. Same goes for the Royal Halifax Infirmary–now fancy flats–can you imagine the spooks of living thee, where people have thrashed in a gony and died!!!! I will send you an sylum link anyway!
    If you want a haunted site what better! Surprisingly there have been few complaints but making hospitals, mental or general, into fancy flats, is particularly disturbing-it would sure spook me out with my imagination! Old mills–well fine–but places where so much suffering has gone on, without even a blessing from the Church (es) is pretty–what—shows what people care about these days!
    As for the skin-tight breeked one–well no one has heard of him for a little while–most unusual–and pray, please can you let me know the answer to my private e mail
    tata barbara

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