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An Eventful Day

Me 2000

Its been quite an eventful day in some respects – uneventful in others.

The uneventful part was I was supposed to pick up some important items from south of the river at lunchtime, but the weather prevented me.  Its all I could do to get up the road to the shops on all the slippery snow.  But I managed it somehow.  Had no choice really was out of a few essentials like tea, sugar and milk and . . . well some other things as well, including some cigarettes.  Anyway, I made it though it took about half and hour to dry out.

Then K called which was nice as I hadn’t heard from her for a few days, I got fussed over as usual, but I don’t mind as I know she means well.  She said she’d definitely get over one day after Christmas and we could catch up.  I told her that the book was almost finished and she surprised me by suggesting I put another short extract on my Blog for Christmas.  I say ‘surprised me’ as she’s always been a bit wary of me ‘giving too much away’ and always insisted that I check with her first for her opinion  I always have in the past and her advice about my writing has always been invaluable.  I am not talking about style or grammar, but about actual content.  For she knows some things have been difficult to write (about A for example) but she’s always been able to advise me.  She seems to know what I should not say, but, at the same time, what I ought to include.  She never helps me with any paranormal stuff; its just highly personal things..  She knows I have a basic tendency  to avoid hurting other people, so that never provides a problem. She trusts me with that.  But some things can go very deep, and that’s where I found her advice invaluable.  But to hear her suggest a readers ‘Christmas treat’ was quite uplifting.  Its probably because she knows the book is virtually finished, and I’ll be able to say this with any extract.

It was also perhaps rather ‘fated timing’, as I had already decided to sort some chapters out tonight and match them to their files; which in fact, I have been doing. I was expecting somebody else later on in the afternoon and she came on schedule.  That meeting was also fated in its own way, in fact, it turned out to be quite extraordinary.  We spoke for almost three hours before I eventually phoned her a taxi.  I think that really needs a Blog on its own though but I just have to check to see if she minds me mentioning her name, rather than having it sound ‘anonymous’.   I can’t predict a problem provided that I don’t break any confidentially – but I never do that in any event.  But I just want to phone and ask her out of courtesy, as that meeting was very important in its own right.  So I will do, and hopefully I can do it tomorrow.

As a matter of fact, I’ve just seen a part of the book that might make an interesting extract.  So I shall be doing that as well in the next couple of days.  Christmas Eve seems an appropriate time.

After all, the bit I found is rather ‘ghosty’.  (Why ghosts are always associated with Christmas, I just don’t know: unless it has something to do with Charles Dickens!).

Well, a glass of wine now, and then back to work   Actually looking back through written stuff is quite enjoyable.  But it helps when you know that you’ve written it!


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  1. Hi,David,Have only just read your latest blogs.I will give you my address,[and postal order]after xmas,so that i can get your DVD?Please save me one?I was going to go out today,only the busses were all cancelled-what a bore.And talking of ghosts- M.R.James is on tv at Xmas-There is a version of “Whistle and ill come to you”and one of my favourite actors,John Hurt, is in it.Thank you for replying to my post on SNW.I am quite hacked off with that forum at present,as people keep going on about the BPOS,for some reason.its all a bit nonsensical,the way Timelord keeps harping on things.So i asked him who he was,but ibet i wont get a reply?Yours,Clarmonde[Blackorchid]

  2. Yes let me have your address again. Blame me. I did write it down when you visited in London but it would be quicker to give me it again as the place is a bit cluttered as you probably noticed. No I don’t want any money for it as its you, just bring me a bottle of wine next time you visit. That’ll do! I don’t think I’ll be able to post it until next Mon or Tues ’cause of this weather, but I’ll speak to you before that for the address.
    You’ll like the new DCD. Or put it like this: so far I’ve only had good reviews about it!

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