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I know I might keep saying it (in bits and pieces anyway) but my two new books are now virtually finished.

Well, the ‘virtually’ only applies to the 2nd Volume of my autobiography “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” – the other one “Pact with the Devil” is totally complete, and you could say ‘signed, sealed and delivered’.  Regarding the latter, that is literally true: I have had so many orders for it, that it will be good to get these all posted out.  I even received a query from a certain North of England Police force asking for information about the book:  well, don’t worry good people. I shall be sending you a copy up by Recorded Delivery, and there will be an invoice enclosed with it.  Please don’t forget to send me a cheque!

The former one “In the Shadow” etc, will be ready for October.  The book is complete; well apart from the first two chapters.  I put these aide to come back to.  And that’s no easy task, I assure you. Boxes upon boxes of Trial transcripts and witness statements to go through to get everything accurate,  Little wonder I left that until last!  It’s a tiring job, and one I am not relishing.  Quite honestly, I’d rather just forget the whole thing, but some people just won’t let you do so, so the truth has to be told!  And it has been – in the case of both books, that is.

When I was working on “Pact”, for example, I realised just how many lies had been told.  Not ‘accidential one’s’ (that would almost be understandable) but deliberate one’s attempting to try or forget true feelings at the time.  Hurtful lies; made even worse by the fact that the person concerned chose to air these in public.  If people do not answer lies sometimes, people may take it as a sign these could be true.  Which is why any such false statements have been answered – in their entirety.  I have most of the facts in writing,  which is just another reason I wrote the books.

Anyway, I think I’ll just go back to writing ‘ghost stories’ after this – be a lot easier!

Gosh, though, when you think about it its almost unbelievable of the ways some people can use the name of ‘God’ to attempt to justify their own evils sometimes.  They seem to forget that that Supreme being lies behind their own consciousness, and It can never be fooled!

Actually had a good night’s sleep last night.  Raining a little now, but doesn’t matter, ‘cause I only go out when I want to.

Saw the film producers last night, and everything going well there.  Gave me a short clip of the film, and I have to say its looking very professional.  Well, with me in it, guess it couldn’t look anything else!

So that’s all the news.  At least for the moment!
David Farrant


10 responses

  1. Dear David
    Put me down for a copy of Pact With The Devil.
    I think you should have my details,
    Regards Matt

  2. I know you have David, its one thing which a certain person we both know completely lacks. If you can’t laugh at things, including yourself, well, it’s tough. That person not only has no sense of humour but he takes himself so seriously and thinks he is so important he has, sadly,as a result made himself itnto a joke. By the way I was just checking on some old boards and found soemone ahd changed the word dickipoggy into something very rude, well it wasn’t me, though its only a year or so ago, I told the mods someone had been turning things into borderline porno,if I go abck on I’ll send you the link so see what you think,

  3. Barbara
    I’ll be sending your book up in a couple of weeks, but tell you when its been posted so you can look out for it. I know you’ve already read most of it but you’re just gonna to LOVE the cover! Never let it be said that I do not have a sense of humour!

  4. Of course Matt, I’d have sent you a copy anyway, but thanks for reminding me. Say 2 weeks – 3 at the outside.
    I can’t discuss the book here, but it gives people a remarkable insight into the actual truth – that is, people who may not otherwise be aware of all the intrinsic details. Well, I didn’t ask for the situation, but I’ll be damned if I’ll allow all the lies to stand in public. Gareth read it and said it might not seem as interesting to some people compared to my other books. I concede that, but then there’s a LOT of people around who want to know what really happened – or more precisely what didn’t happen.
    Well, I hope I’ve put them straight (police included)! I stand by everything I’ve said. The funny thing is really, that other people will be made to stand by what they originally said. That’s when things get really interesting!
    Thanks Matt,

    Well, imagine that! Someone corrupting your favourite word ‘dickapoggy’! Yes. love to see that.
    You don’t need to explain Barbara, we all know who the people really are!
    Anyway, I’m also aware that you never swear. My God!, there’s as much chance of ‘hell freezing over first’ before we ever heard that! (No disrespect to your Catholicism intended).
    I sent you an email, by the way,

  6. Do you mean the king of the Kirklees koncom factory? I havent heard since the Queen of Hearts passed on, its all under cover as you know, whether he was left owt or nowt, try contacting the great white gamekeeper, you know the other flunky, but from what I heard they were rivals, so he might not say, try googling him in…………..
    tata barbara

  7. Yes, I’ve got that now Barbara, thanks.
    I will make sure they get a copy Is DH still at the same address? as I was thinking of sending one up to him as well.
    Anyway, speak later.

  8. I tried googling him in, also his pal the prussian officer, but nothing came up, well just a few brief mentions. Anyway I’ll look forward to seeing the book, more fame or infamy winging this way!
    tata barbara

  9. Yes, that’s him Barbara – the one that likes Yorkshire Puddings! Sure it will reach him at the old address; if by some chance he’s left there now, he would have left a forwarding address.
    I just hope the world is ready for my new book!
    For now

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