Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

It’s been quiet again everyone. Sorry to sound ‘boring’ but things – external things anyway – really have been quiet. As a matter of fact, I prefer it that way. But having said that, book work has not been ‘quiet’ – well I guess that couldn’t really be!

Gareth is here, and so I’ve had to explain that bloody ‘shaving brush episode’ to him. Well, I didn’t have to, but it is so trivial that I don’t really mind. I’ve shown him what’s been written. He’s had a good laugh about it, and will be sending the bill shortly!

It’s only trivial, I suppose, but what really amazes me is how some people can attempt to make trivial things into something they’re not.

Maybe it’s because some people just lead such sad lives, and only trivial events keep them going? I don’t know. But it certainly seems like that sometimes!

There has been a lot of activity on You Tube currently – as some of you will have gathered – but none of it has been lost and it has all been filed.

I will only say, can you imagining the mentality of some people trying to create ‘scandals’ out of virtually nothing?! That’s almost sick in itself, but maybe – to them – it helps to compensate for their own drab lives. Just wish they’d stop involving me in them, that’s all.

What else good people? Well not much really. But I’m ‘scared’, you know; not of human beings, but about relationships. That might sound like a ‘contradiction, I know (as human beings surely make up relationships); but that’s not what I meant.

I am personally not in the least concerned about ‘material life’; only that I am with the feelings of people.

What do I mean? Never mind; it doesn’t really matter! I will fight man and beast with little concern. But sometimes when it comes to the feelings of others, that just confuses me a little more.

I am going to keep this short as Gareth is here. Then I’ve got more to do on the books after.

I think I’ll have a day off tomorrow from writing here (except replies) but fear not, I will be back on Sunday!

I except you could all use a break anyway!

So for the moment,


Mostly Quiet

I’m really not going to post much today. Just don’t feel like it really. Nothing much has happened in this short space of 24 hours, anyway, so nothing really interesting to say.

I did get an uninvited response to my Blog yesterday. When I had not even mentioned the person responsible for making this. I was talking about someone else entirely; but that seemed enough to promote half a page of venom elsewhere! I guess the answer with some people is, ‘if the cap fits, wear it’ . . . think there’s a lot of truth in that old expression..

I had a long talk with a friend last night. I was a bit uncertain about certain things, and we spoke for quite a long time. The person is a close friend, and I think they knew exactly what I was trying to convey. Its nice when you can speak to people sometimes; especially when you know they understand what you’re trying to say. That doesn’t happen often; at least with me! I confided in the person over my deep fears over a relationship. That’s all I need to say here!

Apart from that, things are mostly quiet. Well, the important things, anyway.

For the moment,


Fantasy Worlds

Been keeping very late nights quite recently trying to get the books done. Its quite time-consuming really as its not just ‘straight writing’, I have to copy stuff from discs into the text which can be quite tedious; especially with so many discs to work from, and add to that my filing system. But its useful in a way because in the process of finding and checking disc material, I come across other material that I want to include.

For example, yesterday some very interesting material written by someone else about the Highgate case and their involvement in it and their thoughts about some of the claims made about it by other people. (Me being one of them!). All good stuff, especially as the person claims that all this material was personally researched by themselves. Admittedly, the material is a year or so old, but in a way that’s even better as it clearly demonstrates their independent views at the time. And its interesting to contrast these with present day ‘changes of mind’ about ‘vampires’ and the somewhat ridiculous stories surrounding the alleged existence of these.

I was really a little tired yesterday. Trying to concentrate on books and then being distracted by silly posts elsewhere, can be a little ’tiring’. Better not to write at all really if you really just don’t feel like it, so I don’t really know why I’m even writing this! Still, I did meet someone really special recently, so maybe that makes up for it a little.

I have decided to say precious little about that here, but I’m sure some people realise she really does mean a lot to me – probably even some people here do as well even from the little I’ve said. It really makes such a God almighty change to realise that there are some people who are genuinely not out to use you or harm you. I don’t know what’s going to happen; but at least I know it won’t be anything like that.

It really is getting a little cold and miserable now, and January and February haven’t even arrived yet! Doesn’t really make that much difference, I suppose, but it just makes it a little more difficult to go out.

Thanks to the people who emailed about my “Ghosts, London” ghost story. I quite enjoyed it myself because it was a simple ‘gentle one’; no exaggeration on the part of the lady concerned; she just wanted to know what was happening, if there was really a ghost in her house or if it was just ‘creaking floor-boards’!

I looked at the YouTube vampire clip again, and quite honestly, I’ve never seen anything quite so funny! It was mainly ‘funny’ because it was meant to be serious! Thank God most people don’t accept that sort of rubbish, is all I can say! There’s always a tiny minority, of course, but that really remains their problem. (And anybody who does literally believe in, or even supports the existence of, ’real vampires’ must themselves have a real problem!).

Vampires simply do not exist. Their only place (if any) is confined to the realms of fiction. And fiction is only really made up of imaginings in the human mind. Dreams, in other words, that have no substance in reality.

Some people are just trapped in their own dreams, I suppose. And just live in a fantasy world.

I like to think that at least I’m not. I’ve been accused of many things, but I think that so long as you stick to the truth – I mean, the real truth – you can never go far wrong. Seeing ourselves with open eyes is sometimes very hard to do. People so often tend to hide behind false illusions or ideas. Human nature, I guess. You can’t really blame anybody.

The only tragic thing, is when we can’t admit this to ourselves.

For now,


A Long Moment

Just a quick post today, everyone. Well, I did warn you! I really do have to cut down my posting time. If otherwise, to stop myself being forced to be distracted from what I am doing, which is working to a deadline to get the two books completed.

But to be fair, I will tell you basically how those are going.

The first one is not so much a problem, as its already been written. But new linking chapters to be added plus some new photographs (well, I say ‘new’, I mean perhaps some old previously black and white one’s of Highgate and Highgate Cemetery, etc.).

The other one has been more work as it involves writing material completely afresh; but there is enough of that to hand. I am putting a long chapter into this called “Pact with the Devil” which will be illustrated and contain documentation (official documentation) to support the text. This will include signed statements made by people who either claimed to have known certain people, or to have actually been involved with other people claiming a direct involvement in the Highgate case. It is all solid material, and it will be published as such. It has to be really as the record really must be set straight.

Well, I guess it really wouldn’t matter so much, if false statements hadn’t been put on record. But they have been, to one motivation or another, and facts seen to be of public importance must be seen to be accurate in every sense of the word!

That’s really enough of that at the moment. But only for the moment!

What else. Well, I actually kissed her today. Not just a gentle kiss on the forehead or cheek, but a real one. It was so more important because she responded. I was typically embarrassed maybe, but she just held me and clutched me tight as if telling me not to be. But I was embarrassed.. No. Not so much that, but I was genuinely worried if she might, well, if I hadn’t kissed her correctly. It only lasted for two minutes or so, but during that time (which seemed ages longer) I felt a complete sense of fulfilment. I couldn’t see her face properly, but I didn’t have to. I could see her deep eyes quite clearly, though, which is why I kissed her. There was absolutely nothing more than that. Sexual feelings didn’t even come into it. Or if they arose at all they were purely secondary. So secondary, in fact, that just the kiss was far more important. Sometimes sex doesn’t really even matter. There is much more beauty in the kiss (a real kiss) than you could ever find in sex, or sexual attraction.

So, that happened. And please, nobody ask me more about that. Its just one of those things that I don’t want to answer questions about because its too personal. Although no doubt I will tell you more when I’m ready. I guess you are expected to answer personal questions on a Blog sometimes, but you won’t get any more answers to that!

For the moment though


‘Hidden’ Sundays

Well, its Sunday again! I know I said I’m now too busy to post every day (and I am to be honest), but I happen to have one ‘relatively free’ day today after nearly a week’s ‘location project’. I explained all that yesterday (at least, as much as I’m going to at the moment) but its really nice to have nothing to do for a change.

Whenever I mention religion on a Sunday, it appears to make just a few people get ’ultra paranoid’ and start declaring that I am being ’anti-Christian’, or some such nonsense. I guess the real reason is that as I was once involved in Wicca (white witchcraft) and have written books and articles about this (not to mention given radio and TV interviews on the subject), I should just not be allowed to even mention Christianity! Even though when I have done so, I have always applied this in a general sense and not criticised any particular Church or religious denomination. I really have not. And I would defy anybody to point any place where I have done so. They would not be able to.

I HAVE ‘attacked’ what I have termed ‘man-made’ Christianity, sure; but this has not been any ‘attack’ on genuine Christianity itself – rather on some people who choose to misrepresent its true values. What values? Those principles laid down by the original founder of that Church itself, Christ Jesus, who stated quite clearly when asked by some scribe out to ‘trick him’, that the Commandants handed down to the Jews by Moses were of insignificance to the essential two He was about to declare: He said that far more important than any of these written Commandments was the need to first ‘Love God and thy Neighbour as Thyself’; and that “There are no other Commandments greater than these”.

In my various writings, I have absolutely agreed with this, and even pointed out that if people really kept to these two basic Commandments, there would be no need for any of the others.

For example, if you REALLY loved God and your neighbour as thyself, how could you possibly kill or injure them? Or steal from them? Or bear false witness against them? Or lie about them? It simply couldn’t happen, could it?

Of course, it does happen, and happens all the time in this far from perfect world. But surely it only happens at all because people are mostly governed by human nature; which is often far-removed from that Divine Principle, or God.

I am not an angel, but personally, I have never professed to be. Neither do I expect people to abide by this high level of true Christianity sometimes. But people accept this in different degrees, and often many people do try to adhere to such basic Christian principles.

Lets face it, there are some good Christians ‘out there’, who are very kind and decent people who are inspired by the laws of God and try to be faithful to these. They try and help others and have a genuine interest and try to genuinely help their fellow men (and women, I mustn’t forget to add, lest I be accused of being a ‘male chauvinist’!). No. There are indeed some very decent Christians ‘out there’, and I’m not trying to imply otherwise.

A very devout Christian gentleman is presently trying to help me (of all people!), and doing so simply because he is a decent Christian person, but he has not used a ’cloak of ’Christianity’ to either shun me or ’attack’ me). THAT to me represents true Christianity; without threats of ’you will go to hell’ or ’purgatory’ if you don’t ‘accept what I say’!

Can you really imagine such a negative mentality?! In other words, a very non-Christian judging you on their own particular terms, and then personally ‘condemning your soul to Hell’?!

Well, that’s all I meant really, nothing more than that! I was only saying, that such an attitude as or when this occurred was only really accountable to that Divine Principle – or God – but it was nothing to do with myself.

I have said here before quite clearly, that that Divine Principle (God) never condemns anybody to hell. Only human beings are capable of making that judgement upon other human beings.

In Reality, God has nothing to do with this. In that respect, ‘hell’ is only of human making. But in Reality, it has nothing to do with God.

For now,


Holiday Break

I have been away for a couple of days. Sorry everyone, but it was not expected. I was just not here! That’s all! so did not have access to the computer.

Where did I go? Now, wouldn’t you all like to know!

I’ll bet! Well, I can tell you this much . . . I was in a hotel not that far away. Where? It was near Maidstone actually. What was it like? Very comfortable, with 2 meals a day; breakfast and dinner. Well, full breakfast was available but I couldn’t eat this and just had tea and toast. But full evening meal (with a choice) which I could manage after a fairly long day. After that, there was nothing really to do. But there was a comfortable bar which was better than just retiring to the room and watching colour TV.

So what was I doing? Just a holiday everyone – maybe a ’working holiday’, but still basically a holiday-break.

Probably tell you all a bit more later; but at the moment it must just remain a ‘secret holiday’! Well, why not?! I am allowed some secrets, surely?!

But the schedule of the last few days, has made me realise just how busy things can be sometimes.

In other words, what I am trying to say is, not sure I can keep posting here on a daily basis.

I WILL keep posting, as it is my Blog! But ‘everyday posts’ may prove a little difficult at this moment in time. Certain books are reaching deadlines, among other things. And there are more . . .

But please keep posting your questions here (or by private email). Your questions WILL all be answered – even difficult one’s from you Cat!

For the moment,


Good News

Good News.  A new book with a chapter about the Highgate ‘vampire’ (and myself, of course!) has just appeared on Amazon.

I’ll give details next time as I don’t have my advance copy to hand, and quite literally cannot remember the ISBN.

 You see, I am not the only one writing books!  And I guess this is just further proof of the ongoing interest in the case. 

My own book is coming along well though; but I’ll write more about that tomorrow.  I know we ‘witches’ are supposed to have supernatural powers, but even we get tired sometimes!

So for the moment,


Ghosts London

Monday again.  This week seems to have gone so quickly; but then a lot has happened.

Sometimes I just feel like jumping on a train and going away for a couple of days.  I probably would if it was Summer – or at least a little warmer.  Not so easy now though with my back problem; I mean, gone are the days where I could run around easily or go jumping over walls!  I am by no means a ‘cripple’, but I am just forced to take it somewhat easy (which suits me anyway!).

I’m going to be a little lazy again, and instead of writing much I’ll just give you another unpublished ghost story.  Its a true one in fact (like they all are) and the lady in question gave me permission to publish her account some time ago.  It happened in North London, and I have simply titled it “Ghosts, London”.  Here it is . . .



By David Farrant, President,

British Psychic & Occult Society

A RATHER GENTLE GHOST STORY comes from a lady who lives in Bush Hill Park, North London; although at her request she is referred to here only by her first name, Jean.

Her story concerns some strange occurrences at her house – a large Edwardian house in Queen’s Anne Grove which was built in 1913 – and is ‘gentle’ because its ghost is neither frightening nor malign.

In fact, Jean moved into the house in 1980 with her husband and two young children – a baby girl of six months and a little boy aged two – following a family who had lived there for four years. During their tenancy the previous owners had done a certain amount of work to the house, but although the ground floor was nicely decorated, much less attention had been given to the rest of the house; in particular, to the first floor. Here, two bedrooms overlooking the rear had been roughly artexed with their walls painted over, and a small box room at the front bore rather undistinguished wallpaper, but the largest bedroom – the master bedroom – lay with stripped walls, with a yellowing ceiling that appeared to suggest that it had been left in a general state of neglect and disrepair. Jean thought this was unusual – if not somewhat uncanny – because the main bedroom would not have been expected to have been left in such a state.

But, after moving in, the house was gradually improved and eventually, the master bedroom was completely redecorated.

During this period, after having initially moved into the house, Jean’s husband was kept very busy at work and sometimes did not arrive home until late in the evening. Alone in the house, apart from the children, (and by this time they were usually asleep), Jean soon discovered that it was a common occurrence to hear the sound of ‘somebody’ moving on the stairs; also the sound of distinct footsteps ‘walking’ across the first floor landing. Invariably, when she went out to look, the sounds abruptly stopped and subsequent investigation revealed no possible cause for the sounds; certainly the lack of any human agency.

In fact, these ‘footsteps’ occurred with increasing regularity, and although by this time she was not really afraid (there was a lack of any ‘hostile atmosphere’ accompanying the sounds, for example, that might have otherwise suggested that they could pose any possible threat), Jean was more intrigued to discover any explanation that could explain their causation.

When eventually, she mentioned the matter to her husband, he was less inclined to accept that there could be any ‘supernatural explanation’ for these persistent sounds; indeed, he pointed out that the house was old and would be prone to such noises, and apart from this, as the house was semi-detached, Jean could well have been hearing the movements of the people next door.

Such an observation, of course, was not beyond the realms of possibility, but did little to explain why the sounds always stopped abruptly when Jean went out to investigate; or indeed, why they occurred regularly in the same places with such timed persistency.

But accepting this as perhaps being the only possible explanation, Jean gradually lost interest in these nocturnal footsteps; at least, she tended to ignore them accepting that the whole thing had some logical explanation and should not be allowed to interfere with her normal family life.

Indeed, things eventually ‘returned to normal’ in the household … the strange sounds not abating but being accepted as a ‘part of everyday life’.

Then, one day in 1987, Jean was surprised at the door by a visit from a pleasant old lady who explained that, when young, she had been a frequent visitor to the house.

She explained that she used to visit some elderly relatives who lived there, and went on to say that she was only visiting the area that day and was anxious to once again see the house. In fact, it transpired that she knew the place well, and could even identify many features in the garden where she recalled she’d spent many happy hours playing as a child.

Her curiosity aroused, Jean asked this lady about some of the house’s history, and was informed that, at the time, one of her relatives had become ill there – eventually becoming bedridden – and it had been necessary to employ a live-in nurse to look after an old lady who needed constant care and attention; the room in which she’d been confined being the master bedroom. But as this old lady was very demanding, she needed her nurse constantly, and her poor companion would frequently called from her bed to attend her.

Following this encounter, Jean told the author … “I then understood that these were the movements that I had heard; the companion coming to and fro along the landing attending the old lady.”

“Our neighbour opposite confirms that elderly people did occupy the house until it was brought by our predecessors. Maybe they felt stronger manifestations of whatever was happening; maybe that’s why they hadn’t decorated the master bedroom; perhaps that’s why they only stayed in the house for four years …”

Such an observation could indeed be true. Many old houses are capable of harbouring or ‘storing’ psychic energy which, in turn, is capable of ‘trapping’ poignant sounds or emotions of the living (even images of the living) and transmitting these far into the future; at least, as long as a specific environment remains intact.

This is not to imply, of course, that all forms of psychic activity are just ‘dead’ or unintelligent mental impressions or vibrations that have somehow been ‘caught’ in the atmosphere to be picked up at some future dates by unsuspecting people (though when this commonly happens, such transmissions – in the form of sound, visual effects or feelings – are invariably interpreted as ‘ghosts’); but I would venture to suggest, without expounding on other existent forms of psychic activity, that certainly a large proportion of alleged ghostly phenomena can be safely placed under such a category.

© David Farrant 2004

More Work Later

Its Sunday, again, but I think I’ll avoid being too philosophical about life and religion today. Becomes a habit! But I have been writing about this since 1982, so it should really otherwise come as nothing new!

I was tempted to phone somebody today. But I didn’t. Just in one of those lazy moods again, I suppose. Well, you can’t blame me after all the hours I’ve spent writing recently. That really does require a great deal of mental work and effort; not like here where it doesn’t matter that much what I say. In a way, that almost relaxing to be able to do that. Not having to look up endless references, then cross reference them, etc.

Having said that, what else ‘boring’ can I tell you?!

Looking around, I see the usual negativity and gross distortions are still flying about. No, I’m not going onto religion, but its almost awesome to see how many of these are made by supposedly devoted Christians! If such people only looked in the mirror sometimes while they were writing such attacks upon others, they would see that they are really talking to themselves. Ironically, nobody else is really listening. Or if they are, it is to witness such people in such a sorry plight!

It was really damp and cold yesterday, as I said, and not much better today. Still, I won’t go on about the weather, but I feel so much more relaxed when its warmer.

I see my Cat seems to have ‘slunk off’ again into the night. But its probably doing its nightly rounds in search of females! It’s a randy old thing, to be sure! Though sometimes it has the audacity to take time off and lecture me here!

What else? My ‘Babs the Witch’ statue is still in the cupboard, and if it lasts another year until next Halloween, it should consider itself lucky! I don’t really want to look at it again to have to describe it; but its got this manufactured moulded-on grey hair. Its really impossible to improve itl But I suppose you could always put some ‘Grecian 200, 000, 000 on its hair! But then again, as its only a statuette, that wouldn’t really make any difference, I suppose. Unless you actually dyed it . . . Now there’s a thought!

Back to work this evening. Just surprised how many pages I’ve done on the books so far. All good stuff though, according to some of the people I’ve given pages to, to proof-read.

And then? Well I might just open another bottle of wine to help me relax! Who knows?!

But for now,


More Ghost Cases To Come

Nothing really much happened today. As I’ve said, I usually try to avoid the noise of Saturdays. Only really go out if I have to. No exception today, actually; had to walk out to get some things.

Well, part of the main section of the book is finished now. I can’t say too much about it (us author’s never do!), but it is a classic real life example of love and betrayal, ‘revenge’ arising from that betrayal and the reunification with evil, on the part of some victims who had become involved with evil Cults or personages, but had somehow not managed to break free of them.

The book portrays the dangers of such evil influences, and gives examples of them. Other than that, you’ll just have to wait and see! The book hasn’t taken long to write. I guess I have been helped by the fact that not research has been necessary. There are examples in everyday life all around you! But its not quite finished yet; There are some more contributions to add to it.

Somebody emailed earlier to ask about some other Internet postings – or rather ‘paper interest’ about this one posting. I just had to laugh as these had only really originated from one person living on Bournemouth, who must have stayed up a couple of nights and days to generate a false impression that anybody else was even bothering to look! Sad really to see the lengths some people will go to, to give false impressions. But advertising companies do this all the time in order to sell their own propaganda. The sad thing really is, when other people just can’t see through it!

I told the person who asked me, that I generally ignore such things as people are entitled to their own opinions – but only if these are genuine opinions. But I stressed that if such opinions were not genuine (ie invented by just one person purporting to represent many) that would not be genuine and in such circumstances, I would certainly do something about that if it applied to myself personally. Well, I think anybody would do, don’t you?!

One other phone call from a distant land. It was unexpected, but I was nevertheless pleased to hear from her.

Walking back down the hill today, I had to be a little careful of the wet leaves. (it was raining quite heavily yesterday), so walked extra carefully. It was very damp and semi foggy outside.

It was nice to get back in, anyway. Some tea. Then some beer to look forward to this evening! Though come to think of it, might open some wine instead, as it’s a bit too cold for beer.

I might have mentioned this, but searching through material for the book (both filed paper copies and Internet discs), I have ‘re-found’ a lot of ‘ghost cases’ that I had forgotten about – well not forgotten the cases, but just not realised I had written many of these up.

I will probably put a few of these up here as I go along, as people keep asking me for more ghost stories. The cases on disc will obviously be easier, but the paper copies will obviously have to be re-typed for posting so will take a little longer. (That ‘Dowdsman’ case from way back, for example, was all on paper and had to be re-typed – took ages!).

Anyway, more ‘ghost cases’ to come, and please do continue to comment on them if you want to.

Back to the book again soon,


Another Little Ghost Story

Well, as I told you yesterday, Gareth is coming over tonight, which is fine, but it just means I have a little less time to do everything today.

So, I thought I’d give you another of my unpublished ‘ghost’ write-ups.

This is going in the next edition of “Dark Journey” (not for a little while yet, as the other two books take priority).

It is from a psychic investigation we went on in 1988, when I was looking into a few ghost cases in the North East. But it is really a ‘timeless mystery’ as you can see. Well, many ghost stories are the same. The person gave me permission to use his real name, and I hope you get as much pleasure reading his accpunt as I did interviewing him . . .


THE SPARSE – though magnificent – ruins of Gisborough Priory in Gisborough, Clevland, have long been connected with stories of ghostly black-clad figures (some say monks who have remained ‘earthbound’ to protect a hidden treasure that lies concealed in the grounds) that have been reported in the ruins by night. This Augustinian priory, founded in the first half of the 12th century, in fact once occupied much of the surrounding land but, like so many other abbeys and monasteries that suffered extensively during the period of the Dissolution, provides little indication of its original size by its limited remains.

Stories of these ‘ghostly figures’, of course, remain nebulous, if for no other reason that many people – however well intentioned – often tend to repeat ghost stories ‘blindly’ or second hand; but one person, in particular, remains in little doubt that what he witnessed when living in the area was undoubtedly … a ghost.

The year was 1947, and Mr Robert Franks – then aged 13 – was living with his parents in a house (now demolished together with others in the road in 1963) that lay on what once formed a part of the priory grounds.

It was a bitterly cold winter’s night, about 8.30 in the evening, and Robert Franks and his brother, along with two friends from the same street, were building a snow-house in a deserted builder’s yard. At one point, they all stopped to rest, not really sure if they’d had enough for the night or whether to pile up their sledges with more snow. At this moment, they all noticed a flickering light form inside the window of an adjacent building (an ice cream traders depot that also lay on the site of the former priory) which in no time at all, filled the window and then materialised outside it in the form of a pikeman. The apparition appeared side-on, its light increasing all the time, although how long it remained is an unknown factor as the group literally grabbed their sledges and fled …

Of course, it might well be assumed – if not argued – that this ghostly figure might not be connected with the black-clad figures reported in the present ruins of Gisborough Priory, but it is an interesting observation – indeed, a fact – that when the builders yard and surrounding buildings and houses were being demolished in 1963, two large pillars were discovered proving that the land had once formed a part of the original priory.

This sighting at Gisborough Priory, relying only on the testimonies of a group of frightened boys, does not, of course, emphatically ‘prove’ the existence of ghosts. But it does go some way in establishing that, if such things are true, ghostly figures (especially when witnessed as forms from long gone) would appear to have no awareness of the passing of time; neither indeed, would they appear to have any knowledge of the modernisation of original locations …. locations where they might once have walked whilst existing in the land of the living.

David Farrant

In Retrospect

When I get another cheesecloth shirt, I’ll feel a lot better – rather more at home.

I am not completely ‘cheeseless’ though. I should have mentioned I still have a treasured one somebody (yes, alright, a girl) gave me as a birthday present in 1972. (No, forget it Cat, don’t even think about asking – age that is!).

Small story to that just in case anybody’s interested, though I doubt it.

Many years later (about 5 or 6 years ago I think) another young lady stayed here for a short while, and one day she came in with it and said . . . “I’m throwing this out because the back’s all torn”. Sure enough it had about a six inch tear in it at the back from where it had been hanging in the wardrobe. (Don’t ask me how that happened, I just don’t know).

“No, don’t do that”, I told her, “I want to keep that, it was a birthday present”. She just shrugged and put it back.

One day when she wasn’t there, I took it to the tailors in Muswell Hill and asked him to patch it. He told me he couldn’t because he didn’t have any material like it.

I told him to just put a soft white cotton patch on it (it was white). “If you want”, he said looking a bit surprised. He did, and I collected it a couple of days later.

Now, you could easily see by looking at it that the material doesn’t match, but I was so pleased to have just saved the shirt, that I just didn’t really care.

Only thing was, I realised that I could never really wear it without a jacket over it.

And I have worn it for interviews many times since then, and nobody has even known the difference. That is a true story, and I have one video of me wearing it for a TV interview to prove it.

So, what’s new (or rather old) apart from that?

Well, I had to tidy the place up a bit last night, as I knew I was having a visitor today.

I know the house is in a state and most of its not my fault, but there are certain things I couldn’t really have made excuses for, like papers scattered on the floor, for example, and some dusty surfaces. (no, don’t worry, I didn’t forget that ugly old witch statue; that went in a cupboard!).

I really must hurry up getting that girl. Having to do things like that, stops me from writing.

Somebody once told me that us authors can sometimes be exocentric; maybe, but that’s surely better than being senile!

Gareth has switched back to Friday tomorrow. Which I don’t mind as I want to ask him to do some more typing.

The book is racing along (well, all of them) and will hit the shops and wholesalers before too long. I don’t really care if anybody makes a ’fuss’ about it, as that will only promote sales. Well, its quite likely. Some people are making a fuss about it now, and they don’t even know what’s in it! But I kid thee not; some people will be surprised to learn the true version of past events. Events which can never be changed however much other people might wish to change history. The politicians try to do that all the time, I suppose. But the difference is, I’m not writing about politicians!

Phone call earlier from somebody about ’baby-sitting’. Wrong number (only one digit out) but she had such a nice voice. We must have spoken for about a minute getting it sorted out. In retrospect maybe I should have mentioned the cleaning job. Well maybe I still can. I know her name and have ’met’ her now; even if only like that over the telephone.

Could have done with her last night!

For the moment,


Ghosts of Waltham Abbey

As my last ghost write up went so well here, I thought you might like the results of another case some of us looked into in 1994/5. It may not be as ‘spooky’ or spectacular as some other cases which can boast eerie settings and atmosphere, which is probably why it generally avoids reference in many contemporary ghost books.

With colleagues, I spend several days investigating this haunting; a fact made easier that the small town of Waltham Abbey is only 15 miles or so from where I live in North London.

I included a short piece in my book “Dark Journey” about this haunting, and it reads as follows:

“THE Ancient Ruins of Waltham Abbey, like nearby Minsden Chapel, have for long been reputed by a ghostly monk, a shrouded figure that has been reported in the scant ruins. Its main haunt is an old stone archway, one of the few relics still left standing in the grounds.

Diana Dean, Parish Clerk to the magnificent church of Waltham Holy Cross and St. Lawrence (just adjacent to the ruins) confirms that this ghostly figure has been sighted by many people, although she points out that the rector clad in his clerical make-up on his way to choir practice, could account for some of the sightings.

Other local residents remain unconvinced, however, that the ghostly figure is of human origin, and relate tales of ‘ethereal music’ heard in the grounds late at night and of a black-clad figure that mysteriously disappears as it walks past witnesses, leaving in its wake a lingering smell of incense.

But ghostly stories and legends connected with Waltham Abbey, are by no means of recent origin.

One legend has it that towards the end of the 18th century, a local maiden committed suicide in the nearby river Lea after being rejected by her suitor. Her ghost is supposed to haunt the Abbey ruins, a sad wraith that beckons to people and then just disappears.

But back to monks; there is another story which, if true, could well give these reports some authenticity, bearing in mind that many psychic occurrences could have as their cause events of great tragedy.

According to legend, at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1540, several monks were murdered at the Abbey by soldiers of the king. It amounted to a futile resistance; leastwise made martyrs of an unnamed few who were buried in a mass grave within the Abbey precincts …

Whatever the truth behind this tale, it is unlikely that we shall ever know. Truth here, would appear to be as evasive as the elusive phantoms that reputedly haunt Waltham Abbey.”

David Farrant

Enough Is Enough!


So, what’s new? Still cannot see any cheesecloth shirts. That silly Cat reminded me about them asking about (my) fashions a couple of days back. Not that I really expected to find any – even concealed in the Charity shops. But maybe all is not lost. Gareth goes into Camden Market quite a lot, so maybe he can find one there for me. Course, if anyone here has an old spare one, just let me know.

Quite a few emails, some of them quite interesting. It seems a lot of the right people are looking at my main website, and one of these is interested in interviewing me. Usual subject, ghosts, paranormal happenings, etc. Oh, the price of being famous – in that particular field, anyway.

Can’t give anything away here as just as other people are following it as well. Not that I mind people knowing but there’s just one or two people out there who would make a point of breaching any confidence.

Finished a couple of important letters earlier and got these in the post with enclosures. Then had to deal with a couple of phone calls about something else (one of them to the people who have agreed to bind the new book) but apart from that its been fairly quiet.

On the subject of the new book, that is going fine. I’ve got a wealth of material now, and its really a question of selecting the most important stuff. I know I said the book is being bound (which it is) but I don’t want it to turn into a “War and Peace” epic! That would really be too long, so have to draw a line somewhere.

Saw my ‘girl with no name’ late this afternoon. I get a funny feeling when I’m in her presence (like nothing else really matters, I suppose), but I’m not going to go into that here. But we had some coffee (well, she had coffee, I had tea).

.The Gov’nor put up a new photo on the Friends of DF today. Its of me speaking on UK Living. The Gov’nor didn’t say what I was talking about on the programme Can anybody guess? Yes, it was about the ‘Highgate Vampire’! Went down quite well actually. I was not the only guest (my friend Kevin Carlyon also graced us with his presence!) but the whole thing lasted for an hour.

Finally today, I’d like to ask people to stop asking me questions on here about things that are being posted on another minute blog. I know that a few of you are taking an interest in all the ‘scandal’ being purposefully created there; but it is just that . . . attempted ‘scandal’ using my name because the two people concerned have precious little to write about. They even create their own ‘hits’ by themselves to try and create an impression that many more people are viewing it in reality than they really are. For example yesterday in a very short space of time; 17 went up to 209 in only the space of an hour or so; then 285 suddenly jumped to 352 in the course of only 40 minutes; and then 352 suddenly went up to 436 in not so many minutes. It must have taken the same person almost the same periods of time to keep ‘hitting’ their own computer.

In reality, this is all bulldust, and just gives final proof that these two people are totally obsessed with myself. (This fact can easily be established by the relevant authorities if necessary).

If you require further proof of that, the person creating all these fake hits, announced that they had to go off line for the moment due to a problem with the computer. And guess what?! That post has remained at 9 all day! If you knock the Gov’nor and myself and the statuette off that (and one other regular associate) that makes it only 5, in reality, the same as all the other posts should really be!


But the point is, I really don’t want to keep answering questions about all the childish nonsense.

As most people will already be aware, I will always answer questions as truthfully as I can; but if I am asked about manufactured points which are not genuine in the first place, then I do not see why I should have to answer any further ones.

As a good comparison perhaps, it is like somebody asking me . . . “Is it true that you can turn people into frogs?, as this person says you have done!”.

It is, of course, all nonsense. But my point is, please do not expect me to answer such nonsense in the first place!

That’s all I’m really saying. Nothing else.

So I really would like to see an end to all this nonsense here anyway.

In future, such people will just be ignored. I really have neither the time nor inclination to take such allegations seriously. The relevant people have now been informed and will receive anything current, so I’ll just leave to them to make up their own minds.

So, back on track. But I am still here if anyone wants to ask me any serious questions!

For the moment,


Morbid Obsessions

Had a quick appointment this morning, then another local one at 2. Got in about 4 and am just about to keep this up to date.

Going back: I saw Gareth last night, and I let him proof read a load more manuscript. He’s happy with the way its going; he actually congratulated me on working so quickly! But I’ve always been like that really. If I start something (big ‘if’ there because I never do unless I really want to) I don’t stop until it is finished.

Gareth has been ‘confusing’ me lately in that he keeps changing his regular days. Well, he is working on a writing project for a TV company presently which explains it. I know all the basics, but won’t detail it here as it would be breaking confidence. Suffice to say, that they are very interested, and it looks as if he might even have to go out of the country for a short while soon to help plan filming locations.

I have now got half the ‘M’ series completed for the new book – and, of course, the chapter at the end which I already mentioned. Anybody remember the old vintage Cliff Richard rock song “Dynamite”? for that’s the best way to describe it!

To cover myself from any potential public explosions, however, I will be forwarding an advance copy to the relevant authorities when it is finished, as some of my ‘competitors’ in the publishing business are bound to cause a fuss about it once it is released! But, as far as I am concerned, it sets the record straight so ‘releasing’ it beforehand in this respect, would seem a good idea. Give them a free read anyway. Might even enjoy it!

Speaking of ’authorities’, no more trouble with the Council lately since I phoned them up. They actually cleared all the back-log of rubbish they’d left the day after my call. What did I say? Nothing really. I just said that I’m not prepared to argue trivialities with you (she was going on about the bins being over-full), this is a health hazard so I’ll just take your name and you can argue it out with your Chief Executive. “There’s no need for all that”, she said, “I’m only doing my job about pointing out normal regulations”. Me. “Look love, Its been three weeks now. And now that I’ve informed you about it again, you won’t be doing your job unless its all cleared forthwith. And by that I mean within the next 24 hours”.

This was about 3 in the afternoon. It was all gone the next morning! Don’t like complaining like that, but sometimes you really have to.

Not been too cold today so I decided to take a detour though the Woods. Walking really makes a change as it gives you a break. And clears the mind a little too. Back to the computer later until the early hours again as I must get this deadline fulfilled. Well, doing it is much better than thinking about it -or it would never get done! But in the meantime, it was just nice to look at the trees and put things behind me. There are really much more important things in life sometimes. Problem is, so many petty things thrown at you, or caused, by other people just have to be dealt with; more especially, when your name is being brought into the public domain by a few people hell-bent on capitalising upon it.

You know, I really wish some people would just get on with their own sad lives and get over almost morbid obsessions they seem to have with myself and my lifestyle. I suppose my only ‘crime’ is because I have not agreed with their own particular brand of ‘Christianity’, which anybody can see is about as anti God-loving Christianity as you can get! Other than that, I have done nothing to ask for their attention. A close friend suggested that I complain about it. What?! Why?! There is no need to! Everything I said is being confirmed out of their own mouths, there is no need to do anything else.

Only a handful of people are reading it, and God knows, they are laughing enough! Last night their ‘hit counter’ jumped up by 80 hits in just over an hour just after the post had been made. Must have taken them the best part of an hour to keep registering their own ‘hits’! And that is what they are doing all the time; a fact which can easily be checked by relevant authorities checking the log of the computer.

So, no. I rarely need to complain about people like that. You get an abundance of them shouting from soap-boxes in Hyde Park Corner every Sunday morning – a time when many of them should really be in Church!

“Thou shalt not bear false witness”, is a Commandment many of them would do well to remember.

‘Love and compassion’, whatever happened to these true Christian virtues? I sometimes wonder. I am not, nor ever have been, ‘anti Christian’. But if that’s supposed to be an example of ‘true Christianity’ – you can keep it!

No. I am not going to complain. There is really no need to!


Married Again? Well, Not Just Yet!

Saturday. And hectic again. But what do you expect for a Saturday!?

I see the usual nonsense has been posted on the Internet again (thanks for that reference my angel!) but I am inclined not to take too much notice of it, as the site is really minute! Only two people posting on it, bumping up the hits, to attempt to make it look far bigger than what it is! The proof of this is that nobody whatsoever is posting on it (and when you see about 40 hits being ‘registered’ in the space of an hour or so, this really proves it, as you say) and nobody really cares about the bigoted opinions of just two people!. Think the word is really ‘obscurity’; but I suppose anybody is really entitled to post on the Internet.

I got your other enclosures too, by the way, and ‘no’ I’ll ‘be good’ and try to do what you asked me not to!

Sorry everyone, just trying to take in other communications as well whilst trying to write about today.

Well, as I said, its boring old Saturday. So what news?

Nothing really. I finished (or almost finished) the book chapter yesterday, and have included material which I consider to be highly relevant to the recent past. What I mean by that is, I am including past public statements (signed and sealed) which can completely ‘give a lie’ to other such statements being made currently. Its called ‘explain yourself’ in the writing trade, and then just leave people to judge for themselves. I certainly will not be judging anybody, just presenting the evidence. It is not really a question of ‘my version’ of any events, but rather just to present any evidence on the part of the people I might happen to be writing about!

I have had still more response to the Metro article. Couple of people even hinting at ‘marriage’, can you believe it!? Better make the most of it, I suppose, while its still doing its rounds!

Seriously though, I would have to think very seriously before I got married again. (I have not even mentioned that I have been married, though they’ll know now if they happen to be reading this!). Its not as if I am ‘too old’, just that I like my own privacy too much. (With a few exceptions; so no, this doesn’t apply to anyone else).

Went out earlier to settle up a few bits and pieces. My back was giving me a little pain today, but nothing I can’t handle.

Nice to sit down and relax though. Or that may just mean because I’m basically lazy!

Actually, I don’t think that I basically am (at least not mentally), but sometimes ‘physical things’ can get a little on top of you!

My friend from Yorkshire (who I mentioned works in the film industry) phoned me again not long ago to confirm that the regional newspaper up there have now confirmed they are aware of the real position about the illegal release of his private emails. This was highly callous on a certain person’s part as he has never done anything to them, and always shown the people courtesy and respect.

I told him that while I sympathised, I was not really surprised really. There were other instances (nothing to do with himself) where private emails had been published without consent by this sad duo; each time with the intent of causing harm or distress to people.

As an author, I know a little bit about the subject of common sense and ‘equitette’ when publishing things about people without their consent of a personal nature.

I know of a case once, for example, where personal correspondence was made public and I was almost expected to endorse it. I wouldn’t. To the contrary, I got very annoyed and it was subsequently removed. What angered me most was when the culprit boasted to me privately that they had other private correspondence they intended to publish that could ‘ruin the person’s marriage’. I am not a Christian as such, but the person who published this private correspondence purported to be. All I can say is, as an author, I have never done anything like that. Publishing material to retract public untruths is one thing; Publishing material with the prime intent of hurting someone personally, is quite another.

Speaking of writing, I am switching back to my other book tonight. I have found a couple more ghost cases that I found in the archives which I want to included in the next edition of “Dark Journey”. That’s a good way off, but in this profession you often have to work a good way in advance.

Least am stocked up with beer now!





Best Of Both World’s?

Very wet and miserable today. Still had to go out though. ‘Suppose its true that rain falls on the just as well as the unjust!

This ain’t going to be a long post tonight; I really have done a lot of writing today and having to do that reminded me of a rather unpleasant subject. They are things I rather not be reminded of but they all have to be written up and entered. Why do it at all? I can hear some people say. Because I have to, its as simple as that. That’s the reason. I don’t want to, but I have to.

You see, both I and my life-style have been relentlessly ‘attacked’ in public, but not in a normal critical or objective way (which after all, I’m used to by now) but in a highly personal way by certain people filled with bitterness and malice, aspects which have in fact been used to try and cover their own guilt.

Obviously, my life-style as a paranormal investigator and past involvement in Wicca, does not help; but it is not even really about that: it is about the fact that I just chose to ‘turn my back’ on certain people in the past once I found out what they were really like. These people seem to have taken this personally, when I had really done nothing to them, or even criticised them in any way. The proof of this is that such criticism can never produced; simply because it does not exist.

But their’s does . . . in abundance!

That is what I’m having to deal with at the moment, which is really why I don’t feel like making this a long post tonight.

I see somebody has asked me about the ‘ghost of Robin Hood’ (rather about this being a ‘vampire’) but I don’t really even feel like answering this nonsense at the moment. Its not the person’s fault; all he’s doing is asking about what other people have been spreading around.

Its strange really how people can become obsessed with various topics. Its almost as if there is nothing else to fill their sad lives!

Some turn to the Church to escape admittedly. Nothing wrong with that and I have never condemned that. Using religion to ‘hide behind’ though, while still pursuing such ’worldly notions’ (about ’vampires‘, for example) is really quite another matter.

Maybe they are still trying to ‘have the best of both worlds’ just hoping that God won’t notice! I just somehow don’t think that such things will escape His attention!

So, I leave this tonight, just a little tired.

I might answer Craig’s point later – if not it will be tomorrow.



World Gone Mad!

I don’t know. More trouble with the Council! Hardly worth mentioning because its so trivial.

Somebody here was having a clear out of a room and left a few things out as part of the rubbish. And guess what? They wouldn’t take it because they’ve now got ‘guidelines’ as to what sort of things can or can’t be classed as rubbish. Clothes apparently can’t be as they’ve been there now for 3 weeks now! More than that, everything has apparently got to be inside a bin; even if the bin is full up and items are put in a plastic bag beside it. Talk about being petty minded. If the plastic bags are inside the bin; they can take it. If the bin happens to be full up and anything’s left beside it, they just leave it. I’m sure the world’s gone completely mad sometimes!

And people call me ‘unconventional’ sometimes’. Well, I might be but at least I’m not petty minded!

You know, seriously, I think I’ve been through too much in my life to be called that. My mind has almost literally been ‘wrenched open’ by all the very real experiences I’ve encountered over the years. Some good, some bad, but far from closing my mind, they have served to make it even more wide open. Subsequently, I can see many things as many people can’t, simply because they have never experienced them.

I not just talking about the supernatural side of it (although ‘preternatural’ would be a better word), I’m talking about life itself; that life which we are all living in one way or another. The life which is actual reality (at least, as most people know it); that Life that just exists whether we are in it, or out of it. In reality, we are never ‘out of it’, although we may be in another dimension of it and have no recognition of ‘this life’, just as we may be in this life and have no recognition of any other dimension.

Two University students came back last night. From the same University who did the interview with myself a couple of months back. They wanted some still photographs to put with the interview. So I just sat here and let them take a few pictures while I just tried to ignore the camera.

They have given me advance permission to post the interview up on my main Website (and the finished photograph).

Well there’s nothing else really. ‘Babs the Witch’ appears to have gone to sleep under her cover . . . At least, I hope its still under the cover! You never know with these ‘Halloween ornaments’!

For the moment everyone,


Godforsaken Nonsense

Sorry to be ‘boring’ but it really has been quiet again today so far.

Not that I mind. Sometimes its nice to be able to get on with things undistracted. (‘Undistracted’ just started flashing with red-underlying as a spelling error … ‘not in dictionary’. In other words, not a word. Well, I just can’t be bothered to check it because it looks right to me, so it is a word now!).

As nothing much has happened, there’s precious little news.

‘Babs the Witch’ is still facing the wall, and I’m going to hide it completely next time I get any visitors (except the person who so kindly gave it to me). Gareth has seen it now, incidentally, and he agrees its enough to off-put anybody. If any newspapers accidentally saw that, they could probably quite rightly accuse me of ‘practising black magic’! Either that, or I’d be accused of turning the place into another ‘London Dungeon’ complete with hideous old aged witchcraft relics.

Which reminds me, talking of aged relics, somebody sent me a link very recently to a short film on You Tube interviewing different people about ‘vampires’. I have never seen so much rubbish in all my life. I just couldn’t believe some of the puerile nonsense (about what sort of stakes should be used to ‘stake vampires’) some people are prepared to say just to get themselves on television! More astonishing is that a tiny handful of people actually accept such claims, and even go on to try and defend these by way of acquiescence or in the name of the Church.

To hear such God forsaken nonsense (meant quite literally here) is to make one wonder where you draw the line between sanity and insanity; or rather insanity trying to pose as that which is sane. It’s a very sick world sometimes, that’s all I can really say. Give me ‘Babs the Witch’ anytime, I say! At least any evil there is contained within an inanimate object, and its always open to you to simply ‘throw it away’.

As I believe I mentioned in a reply to someone here yesterday, I actually got a response to the Metro article from one of my first girlfriends who I had not seen since 1962. Well, I suppose it does go all over London, so I can’t imagine who else might have seen it. Probably many more people out of London now, now that we have posted it on my main Website.

Letters scarce in the past few days. Could be one of those local ‘go slows’ at the local Post Office, I don’t know. Only one letter really of interest but . . . I don’t know who its from! Definitely meant for me that’s clear as its addressed personally to myself, but the person just signed a ‘close friend’. Came here, so obviously nothing to do with the Metro this one. It wasn’t nasty, just one of those ‘seductive’ anonymous letters which tell you what the person feels but don’t tell you anything about the person.

Looking through some old quarterly magazines today for possible research material to include in the new chapter. Most about Robin Hood, but there’s stacks about myself with pictures as well. All good stuff as its all complementary! Nice to be appreciated sometimes, even in retrospect! In fact, I am not overlooking ANY past material. It will all be included if it is relevant, as some of it clearly is. Its got an ISSN so its ideal material for reference.

Well, that’s about it for today everyone. Everything is still quiet, so I guess I’ll leave this until tomorrow



Just For A Change

Just for a change, I’d give everyone another short break and put up a little piece on the Haunted Silent Pools, in Surrey. Only a short piece which I’m keeping aside for more information so I can include it as a new chapter in my book “Dark Journey” when that is revised fairly soon.

In the meantime, a couple of recent news snippets . . .

My friend in Yorkshire who works in the film industry, went to his local authorities on November 2nd, to put on record untrue facts being circulated in public about him, and he showed them copies of private correspondence published without his permission.

It was confirmed to him that this was, in fact, illegal as the copyright of such material was strictly his own.

Regarding the material itself (regarding some alleged conspiracy on the part of MI5 to ‘cover up’ the fact that the legendary Robin Hood was really buried in Yorkshire) they just laughed. Even more so when it was pointed out to them that this was really only intended as a ‘wind up’ to humour some person who was convinced that Robin Hood was really buried not far from her home in Yorkshire. (Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?!).

The result was, everybody ended up having a good laugh about it (including myself, I have to say), although he was assured that releasing the correspondence was nevertheless an illegal and malicious thing to do.

More on gossip (or rather news): I hear that now there has been a temporarily ‘lull’ in the spate of malicious comments being made about myself elsewhere on the Internet.

The person actually made a very recent post actually agreeing with something I’ve been saying all along. It was on the subjection of ‘fragmentation’. I have always stressed that things in the physical world are hopelessly divided (or fragmentated) – not least human beings themselves. But I have always insisted that this does not necessarily have to be the case if people could only but realise that there is an Infinite Source (God) beyond all this. To reunite with this source is really the only sure way to ‘de-fragment’ the human psyche. And now the person is actually admitting what I’ve been saying all along but which they have previously been contradicting (silly cow!).

Anyway, enough of that, here is the article . . .



AN ALMOST STRANGE TRANQUILITY seems to lay over the Silent Pools at Shere, a tiny hamlet just five miles south east or so from the bustling suburbs of Guilford.
There are two pools, virtually adjacent to each other, but it is the ‘higher’ one that is reputedly haunted.

There are many stories and legends that surround the Silent Pool, but few are plausible given the rift of time when many of these apparently originated.

It is said, for example, that one of the pools is ‘bottomless’; although such a story must clearly relate to the lower murky pool, as one can clearly discern the bottom of the higher one through its relatively clear water.

The top pool is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman, a mournful figure whose reflection is sometimes seen in the clear water, clearly visible, although its origin without any apparent causation.

The common legend relating to this haunting is equally nebulous, but this figure is reputed to be the ghost of the young maiden who drowned in the pool in Saxon times under tragic circumstances. Legend has it that she was bathing in the pool naked but disturbed by an unwanted stranger on horseback, and drowned in the deeper parts of the pool whilst trying to escape his clutches.

It was a warm sunny afternoon when I visited the Silent Pools in late 1979. I was with a friend, but we both noticed the almost ‘melancholy atmosphere’ that seemed to emanate from the placid waters. Almost as if you had stepped back in time; or rather, that time did not apply in that particular vicinity . . ..

David Farrant